Last Moment Before Vicky left Sibu to Brunei

LOL! Until now I still posting Sibu thingy >.
Well, below pictures are the last farewell meals I had with...

My sister, my grandma, Irene and Hush Puppies Gang! XD

Hung out with Elder sister at PizzaHut! Wou~

Mushroom soup!

Ice Lemon Tea ~ :D

New pizza!

Got prawn on top one ler

Vicky and My elder Sister!
Look Alike?

Watched 14 blades too! XD
(What so happy about that? =.=)

Brought my grandma to Sibu 快可利

I miss her smile :(

Then brought Irene to Sushi Tie! :D

Miss her to max now :( Sighed.
Gonna call her sometime :)

Wuuu.... SuGoi Neh~

Hontoni Sugoi neh~

Watashi namae Vicky deshu!

Asian Peace from Irene Chan!

Same lo, Dragon ball

Inari Tuna

Inari Egg Mayo

LOL! We always order these only.. >.<>

But Vicky Like it.. Bo Pian lo..

Yea, as u see from the above picture,
I took off the rice from the Inari!

Too free nothing to do is it? o.O
No, I got something to do one ler.

I scooped 2 big spoon of wasabi paste.

Mix with a few drops of Soya Sauce

Once they are stir to fluffy.
I put them into the Inari Skin...

See that? Me no cheat one

Yea, I'm gonna put this thing into my mouth! XD



Remain silent no expression~

WOU!!!!!! Cannot cry!!

Drink water calmly...

Calmly........ *fainted after that!

Love you Rene Rene!

Wait for you here in Brunei Yea ^.^

Fish Mee Hoon Soup from Garden Hotel :D

Lamb Chop!! Anti~

Departing Day!

My departing time was in the afternoon
So morning ask HP gang out for breakfast!

Me, Sar and Celine!

So that morning we went to Sibu 快可利 again ^^"

See all the pinklish girls? Haha XD

Haha, I miss all you girls' Funny face!

Yvonne said "Chop Chop"
The other 2 said "No No"

Esther, Sar and Chai Yiiun!

Guess what? They brought me gifts!
This is so Touchy!
I remember when I see them knitting that in the shop
I was like :"那个人好幸福哦!"
Who knows? 那个人就是我了
Aww... Sweet ler ^^

From Celine, Angela, Yvonne

From Chai Yiiun

Miss Angela! :D

Miss Chai Yiiun! :D

Miss Sar! :D

Miss Esther! :D Haha
The youngest one in HP gang yet the most mature look
Fail me :<>

Tomato Char Kuew Teow!

Fried Mee!

Dunno what's this... But I'm looking at the Fish O.O

Miss Yvonne! :D

Miss Yvonne's Sister! XD

Will Miss you all T.T

Stop MISSING! Arh~
But really miss them...

Penang Milk Tea of Uncle Dom of Sibu

Apple or Kiwi? o.O Forgetful me T.T

Tea C~

Miss Esther! :)

Before leaving to airport...


I remember I was looking at Yvonne doing this :`)

Gift from Sar and Alice!

Gift from Esther!

Will treasure all these hard hard!!!

Hmmm... and remember all the stupid stuffs we've done before


From Vicky!

This is all my luggages and bags

Hey I hung the HP knit handicraft on my ceiling
Where is the middle bulb? o.O



I took it off.

And her I arrived at Miri Airport..

-Story End-

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