Day out With Family!

My teeth broke!!!!! Arh T.T
Because I ate Fish Eyeball
Probably this few days I eat too many fish
And so the fish wanna punish me by break part of my teeth T.T

Well well.. this is the part of my teeth that got broke off.

Sad :( I wonder can be glued back or not? o.O

Somehow, thanks to Mr. Dentist :D
Temporarily saved by the fillings.

Night time went out with FAMILY!

To the place where....

Curry FISH Head

... is very famous ... =.=

Fish just kill my tooth, now I'm gonna eat fish head.
Grr... Angry Vicky.

Everyone meet my brother Eric.
He purposely face away from my camera.
Guess he think that side face more handsome? o.O

Mummy and Daddy :D
Daddy looks black because he always communicate with the sun.
I used to be black too because I was an athletic at school.

This is the Fish Revengor...

Chicken Ginseng soup
I love <3

The Fried Bean Curd

Muahahaha, this is the thing that I want to revenge to.
Curry Fish Head

I eat I eat I eat eat eat

I love this one too, look like tree.
The "leaves" very crunchy one.

Went to shop at The Mall.

Ice Cream!!! People who visit Brunei must try!
Different kind of fruits.

Camwhore with Brother.

He said to let us see his forehead
We are very lucky already
He don't simply show people his forehead one.

Neeway, had a great time with my Family.
Vicky love ^^

HaiHou MIRI!

I went to Miri last weekend.
For some food.
And drink.
To meet my elder sister ^.^

I'm glad that some parts of Sarawak are not developed yet.
Green house EFFECT!

Passed by the Miri Bridge
Picture look like going to the sky o.O

We went for a afternoon tea at a Coffee Shop.
ROJAK! Heard that it's delicious ><>

This is Prawn Rojak I think.

Famous ABC, very nice because it is mixed with brown sugar syrup
The taste is kinda refreshing, and I finished it about 3 minutes ^^

This is the Miri Park
Quite new... about 2 or 3 years ago.

Upper View

Got swimming pool! Open to public :D
Everyone can use it
But I only see Kids :/

Man Made waterfall

I've interviewed a lady bird, she said that she moved to this place
for a while already, haven't find her senorita yet.

Man Made waterfall, really amazing O.O

Heard that yellow flesh kiwi only can be found in Sarawak.
Brunei don't have, much more sweet than the green one.

Breakfast at Miri Yakin!
Fishball Dong Fen for Vicky

Beef Mee Hoon

Fried Yam pork Dimsum, I love yam but I hate pork
So I choose not to touch it T.T

Me and elder sister ^^

Went to shop at .... Forgotten le T.T
Passed by San Francisco Coffee and attracted me.

The Chicken Pies :P

Waffles with butter

Main subject, coffee beans!!

I ordered the Vanilla Latte
Nice till.....

Mom's Hot steamed milk

Hmm... this is cappuccino?

Just random picture, nice vegetable colour :D
Greenish eh

Muakz <3 ..

Koko me and Ah Jia

Yeap and that's the farewell to my elder sister
Time past so fast :( Sad

On the way back to Brunei, we saw lots of
ARMY Soldier Tank!!! @.@

Rawr Rawr, behold the terrorist is coming!!

I don't understand why they put grass around
Camouflage effect 0%
I still can see them pointing the gun at us...

Holy cow, the big soldier vehicle drove by us.
We are innocent T.T

Back to Brunei!
Had breakfast with Joyce

Noob but cute look! LOL!

Fish Tank in a back O.O

Just like a super Mini Sea.

And guess what? BRUNEI FINALLY RAIN!

For weeks Brunei haven't rain already
We all hangus till can be black people in Africa.
Thank God for the Rain, and answering the prayer of us :D

JVC Reunion!!!!

Haha, after so many days in Brunei
Finally Jucy Crystal and Me reunited!
Old friends at my Ex-School CHMS

We gathered at the Kaizen Sushi Restaurant

Nice wall frame picture :)
Hey I know how to admire this thing ok,
A red circle and a pair of chopstick,
Very artistic... Hmmm :/

We booked a room.

Yeap, japanese green tea cup :D

Jucy showed me her phone, pretteh.

Kok Kiong and Ten Fang :) Sweet~

Wet Tissue they provided for us, CUTE!

The Cold Toufu, topping with the thing slices of sotong :D

California Maki >.<>

The wat wat soup..
Gah I always forgot the name T.T
Need to write down next time

I know the Inari there
And erm, smoke salmon sushi?
HAHA! Simply name them.

Jucy introduced this one to us
Outside is Salmon roll, inside is Vegetables

Kok Kiong's order, Rice~

A closer look at my cold cold toufu?? :D

Lol, they still didn't change afterou ... Not like me T.T
Change here and there.

Japanese Pizza!

Very delicious! Got mayonaise and moving sotong slices!

Japanese Girl pouring tea for me. :)

LOL, Crystal got annoyed when I was taking her picture.

Fried Mushroom! Love the appearance.

Flower shaped top.

This is Raw Salmon with Rice.

Accompanied by soup.

Nice when Campur with the Rice :)
Hontoni Oishii Neh! >.<" Happy~

After eating at Kaizen Sushi, we went to Brunei The Mall


Special decoration of cakes :D
Dark Chocolate Mousse

Sicilian Cheese Cake!

Blueberry and Chocolate muffin >.<>

The Mall Patchi

The Mall also got hotel. Very High Class O.O

A bunch of Eng Eng Free Free people

Me and Crystal

I saw Dolly Wink like many bloggers advertise nao :D

Watched Alice in Wonderland for the second time

Brunei also don't have 3D version of Alice in Wonderland :(

Yea, and this is Brunei The Mall's overview.

We went to the Secret Recipe after that



We are all Cake FREAK! >.<>
But we want to diet too T.T
But who cares?
Gain happiness weight better than lost depress weight

And I am all given up to these CAKEs!

I really need to drop down the names on a notepad for sure next time T.T
But I know it's a type of cheese cake.

Banana Chocolate Cake.

Classic Cheese cake.

Banana high in Fibre and Carbohydrates
Chocolate high in fat O.O
Really really have to scaricefy for this cake T.T

Raspberry cheese cake.
Got a bit taste of sour as I think they put yogurt into it.

Green Apple Juice, to wash away the cakes' fat. LOL!

Drink Drink Drink, Wash Wash Wash!!

LOL! What's with that face Jucy =.=

I love the Biscuits underneath the cheese sponge.

The i-dunno-wat-name Cheese cake.

Raspberry cheese cake, a thin layer of chocolate cake underneath.

The killing cake. Banana Chocolate
Because I don't really eat chocolate, so I just gorek the banana portion out.

Yuki said she loves it!

Nom Nom Nom

"Forever I will you my banana chocolate cake"

After that, we went to The Mall Arcade!

Lot's of teenagers always come here to spend their boring time

We played basketball haha! >.<>

Dance machine! Haha, Vicky old already cannot play
If not later here pain there pain.

Kbox!!! (Karaoke Box)

Fighting Game~ XD Wanna play later.

This game is nice, to see any different from 2 almost similiar pictures.

Car RACE!!!

See my noob face? =.= While the other 2 were very gentle...

Wou, hot girls on the terrorist side!
Move people Move!

Me and Jucy used to play basketball in school before
Haha! We played all boyish games... =.=

Including Tekken 6! Haha!
Competitors, me and Yuki.

I chose the skeleton guy
Yuki chose a girl

After a minute, I K.O. Yuki XD

Haha, Crystal even helped Yuki to hold the direction controller >.<>

We are in Happy Funland the Arcade!

There are lotsa bunnies bears and soft toys!!

We went to Sing Karaoke after all the boyish game.

Crystal sings well!

LOL! Jucy's good in high pitch.

As for me.. can be described as "When Duck Sings"


Next we went to The Mall Swensens, another stop for EATING.

Yuki's 背影 so attractive wei :D

The menu book of Swensens,
the double cheese burger really huge O.O Later show you.

Me and Jucy enjoying cam whore XD

Yuki and Crystal doubting of what to eat.

Jucy said, you all order I eat.
HAHA! >.<>

The 4 hungry girls.
Thanks to the waiter who helped to take picture for us
He still remember me and crystal after ONE YEAR!

Vanilla Ice Cream!

This is Mushroom Soup, outside is bread cover
Cool isn't it?

Cheese bread stick.

Fried Dumplings

Jucy's love! French Fries

Cheese bread stick as in cheese inside the bread!
When u pull once u bite, the effect can be the same as
when u're pulling pizza, very flexible~

Prawn Dumplings :) That's why I eat happily.

Chuan Ho and John came on the way too.

Chuan Ho's order... Garlic Sandwich?

LOL! Asian smile with Asian pose.


John was doubting of how to eat it because it's too BIG!

Haha, Vicky enjoy eating with them :)

After that Movie.

After Movie eat.


LOL! I told ya, we are the hungry girls
We went to the CheezBox after movie.

And once again, they ordered.

Vicky highly recommend the Yam Milk Tea, HOT ONE!
Very nice ^^

I dunno this but.. erm, from colour analyse, Orange? o.O

Lemon? =.= I really need a notepad...

Almond Waffles!

Peanut Butter waffles :D
Vicky like ^^

Anyway, I have spent the whole day with my Brunei gangs.
And I am really happy to see them too :D
Happy Me XD

Will end the post with the picture below :