So Long Friendss

Vicky Had MADE A Decision~!!!

I'm not Gonna touch my Lappy until the end of the Internal Test, That is Next Thurday

(13/11/2008) Thursday - The day when Me and My beloved Lappy meet each other

Well, Got a very reasonable Reason

That is Once I face my Lappy, I would Stuck on it! Then Ignored My study =.=

Thats why, I have to control myself

Well, of course If I can't control myself, Someone will Control me as well, My cousin who is having SPM now also, wahaha~~

Help Vicky T.T

~Wait for VIcky ooo~

Stressy Monkey

~Nguk Nguk Ngee Ngee Aa Aa~

Thanks to Mr Stress and Mrs Pimple