Vicky ♥ Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk!

Finally my exam is over! Thank you for those who prayed for Vicky and wish Vicky luck de :D I appreciate them very much! Well, there so much I want to blog, about what the lame thing I did when studying for exam, how I got sick in between and more! Hmm, but everything has to go slow and steadily. Let's start off with the advertisement I made when I was so bored and sleepy during the revision.

Director : Vicky
Promoter : Vicky
Camera : Vicky
Make up : Vicky

A low fat high calcium dutch lady milk.
Dutch lady has become the top 3 dairy milk producer in the Malaysia.

It comes from many flavours,
like strawberry, chocolate and for me,
I love the original one, white and pure :D

There is an instruction on the cap of how to open it.

Hmm, But Vicky prefers the other way.

The Poking style.

Poke a whole with your finger.

Not telling any lies, I miss drinking milk like a baby.
Haha, probably I don't drink my mother's milk O.O"

Drinking while lying down is the best of all!

Hmm, I feel no ashame at all, why don't you try too??
It's not that bad after all! Nom Nom Nom~

Vicky love!!

Love Dutch lady low fat milk forever, and ever, and never ever, and ever~

Those who never try Dutch lady before, just give it a try for once,
once is enough and you will ask for more ^^

Dutch lady milk can be a very good energy booster during the exam period too.

Study for hours and hours, believe that you must be tired ei?

Time to take a break and get one bottle of dutch lady low fat milk!


Sorry brother, you can't have a share with me :[

Nothing is better than Dutch Lady!

And Vicky Nom Nom Nom with a gulp and a gulp of milk.

2 minutes later...

Wonderful things never last long, within 2 minutes, the milk drips to dry...

Vicky double check see...

Triple check...



Me no kidding here wo, at first I don't have a good impression on dutch lady because of the wat cow flu thingy, cause diseases something. But just after that I knew it's from China, so I start to try the dutch lady just after the other bloggers' recommendation.

Now that I'm craving for more dutch lady!!

Gimme Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more more...
*britney's song*