Olympic~ 2008

Wohooo~ Yoyoyo, Beijing Olympic^^ So happy about that^^ Yesterday night 8.08pm opening ceremony right? But guess what? Vicky not in front of the TV T.T "Hai"~--- Me at church gathering while my mom messaged me said that they paid for B$25 to watch the olympic opening ceremony at pastor house... T.T My mom even say: "Where are you now? We now watching opening ceremony very very nice~" which made me evenmore sad~ =.=

Haha, the funny part is that she said that if the Olympic was held in Sibu, Vicky must be the part of the participiants~ Wo~ Imagine Vicky running with the black ppl and white ppl~ Wou~ On the other hand, Imagine the small town Sibu filled with millions of ppl, 0.0, My goodness~ Can't imagine^^" Overcrowded----

What now I most interested about the Olympic is not the opening ceremony, but is the----- Competition events!! ^^ 400m, 800m, 1500m, badminton:: These are the recent events I most interested^^

Well, put olympic thingy aside first la. Now have to finish my homework firstT.T, no one asked but I have to control myself^^" Jia you Vicky^^ LIU XIANG de SISTER, LIU NING, WAHAHA~^^ JIA YOU O BRO~ 110m herd...

Got to go now, to study~~~~~~ to....OLYMPIC!!!