♥Recipe of Vicky's Spagetthi♥

Well well, it has been a long time since I last blog about my cooking skill.
So Chef-ky today hereby introduce you a new recipe called...

Vicky's Spaghetti

Yes, it's Vicky's Spaghetti once again.

This time gonna be more specific to the topic, last time I roughly go through, so many might not pay much attention on the spaghetti part.

Within 3 minutes of reading my post, confirm you will know say
good de 呱呱叫!

First of all, wash your hand, tie your hair, wash your face, wipe your face...

Prepare 5 biji of tomatoes, chop them into pieces, any shape you want.

Then the hotdog, most of the people will replace it with minces Chicken or beef.
Hmm, too bad fish cannot :< huhuhuu

Then the Onion, some tips while cutting onion, if you don't wanna play
the crying onion drama. Place some water under your eye, in other word,
on your eye bag, I don't know about the theory but just do it. Some may
put small red chili on the ear O.O" I dunno what chemistry happening inside too.

Then the garlic, portion is preferred by chef-ky to be large!
Cause this will affect the taste of the spaghetti sauce.

Now, everything is chopped.

Switch on the electronic cooker pan, heat oil (olive oil) till it's around 70ºc
Don't use thermometer! Just use your six sense to predict lo.

Tear open the Spaghetti sauce pack for preparation.

Stir fry garlic first, then onion then hot dog then tomatoes!

And it will look like this :D
Now the main character is on the act!

The spaghetti sauce, pour it into the kuali!

Tada!! The spaghetti of the sauce!

Add sugar (one tablespoon).

Add Maggee Tomato Sauce.

And everything nice!

No salt is needed.

Then the Parmesan Cheese, the more the better!
The better the cheesier!

You can add black pepper too!
My mom love white pepper more tho :/

Basil Leaves! When Chef-ky says Basil, then it's basil
Don't put thyme leave, or parsley or cinnamon hampalan things into it ar :/

And after all the mixtures!

Creamy Spaghetti Sauce! See creaminess effect is from the cheese.

Now sauce is done!

Let's come to the Spaghetti stick

I prefer San Remo Spaghetti, because it is more popular.

Boil SALT water!

And put the spaghetti sticks into the boiling salt water.

Wait for 20 minutes.
No more than or less than.

Taste if the texture is tender and soft or not.
If it does, you can take it out now!

Remember to rinse it with cold water before serve.

And tada! Chef-ky's masterpiece of Doink Doink Springly Spaghetti!

Dinner is served everyone!

Now who wanna become my student? :D
No school fees de wo ^.^"

After Dinner, take some ride to any where.

With Vicky's Spaghetti in the tummy for digestion,
everything that we saw in our eye will be very avatar liked.

The purple field under the yellow sun.

The yellow-orange street yet cool and calm :)

The heavenly earth passionate feels...

Or maybe Applish aroma makes you fly in the Avatar sky~

*what the heck am I talking about?*
Probably it's really late now T.T

Must finish this post!

Passed by Wu Zhun's Brunei Gym.
The Fitness Zone.

Design very high classic, got hotel, cafeteria, spa,
gym, yoga, aerobic and many more!

Also got swimming pool.
I remember last time I use the 3 days trial card to
attend Wu Zhun's Brunei Gym, Syok! XD

And lastly, after Vicky's Spaghetti as a dinner,
don't miss out Robin Hood Movie in Qlap Mall.
Gonna write a post on Robin Hood Movie Review soon

And then your day will be as perfect as peter pan's :)

Vicky ♥ Brunei Le' Taj ♥ Oldies Friend!

Before I start my post...

Kacha! See Vicky's picture a day keeps the doctor away! :D


Some anonymous sent me a letter out of nowhere, I've been stalked!

Ok, just joking XD

For most of the time I've been tasting Japanese food, Chinese food and Malay food.
Which is getting bored, so Vicky decided to give a try on Indian Food :D

The Brunei famous Indian Restaurant

Le' Taj
I dunno what it means, but I know Jaiho :)

Location : Kiulap Baiduri Bank, beside body shop there, if still don't know, call me.

What's famous of indian food will be the canai and teh tarik.

The India Teh Tarik of Le' Taj.
Well I expect many bubbles on top one XD

Then the food order, we've been told that the portion is kinda big.
So we ordered a few only.

The Butter Naan, very butterly O.O

Then Garlic Naan, full of garlic on top.
Smell nice!

For a fish liker like Vicky, I never neglect ordering fish thingy.

Fish Masla, what can I say about this dish?

Then the Chicken Masla, nice also, but still I prefer the Fish Masla haha!

Le' Taj restaurant no restriction one lo,
you can use your hand to eat instead of spoon and fork.

But since we are chinese, I still stick to the spoon and fork cultureXD

Ok, I dunno how to describe the taste but secretly I tell ya'll.
I drooled when I was looking at that picture above!

Then the Butter Naan I use Chicken Masla for topping.

Taste a bit like Curry.

I love how juicy is the Chicken flesh, the moment you bite them, it was like the Naan dissolve into the juiciness of the curry and chicken... Undescribeable...


That's really a very big big portion for 2 O.O
I still prefer 3 people will finish the dishes not too full, not too hungry.

Le' Taj Indian Restaurant of Brunei, GOOD!

Few days back I went to meet Jucy and Ngok Lin (my ex-classmates)

We gathered up at Chai Geng Xiang (菜根香)

Ngok Lin's Coconut Jelly

Jucy's Oreo Blizzard Smoothies

Makes me think of Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard O.O

Somehow Vicky wants something different!
Both of them use glasses, I'm gonna order something bowlily...

Fruit Ice Shave

It's high in milk concentration, Vicky loves!! ^.^

This is Jucy's lunch!

And her beloved prawn, ok I know I know, everyone is kinda annoyed by my camera taking! LOL! Like my parent, everytime before they eat their meal,
they will ask :"Want to take picture anot?"
Vicky paiseh eh ^^"

Ngok Lin's Kolo Mee

After the lunch, we went to The Mall's Arcade K-Box!
Me and Jucy's heaven ^.^

Vicky and Jucy.

Sorry because it's midnight now, so I'm kinda tired T.T
Can't think out any funny word haha!

Vicky and Ngok Lin, he had departed yesterday afternoon,
bon voyage to him and have a nice college life there Ngok!

Haha, they are still the same looking and same style :)
Vicky misses the olden days in CHMS (my mother school) T.T

Me and Jucy got around 6 to 7 years of friend already, my face keep on changing ya know, like from slim to chubby la, from black to white to yellow to white to light brown, Jucy seems to be the same all along O.O

Oh well, as long as friendship never ends can niao :D

Night time accompanied my mom to Restaurant Seri Kemayan of Brunei for dinner.

The food are all familiar to us, so I didn't take any pictures in between except one.

When my mom (short-haired) borrowed a hair extension
from her friend and ask me if it looks good anot.


Mom, you look good in any hairstyle :)

*except botak*