Christmas Layout

Please be aware of Vicky's Circle
coming new layout for CHRISTMAS!

Hush Puppies Peeps

Christmas is coming! I am so in the mood now ^^

But the Planning paper still blank =.="

Took picture with Ann! She is one funny mother >.<

This is Ann's cute little baby with the purple Hush Puppies Tee ^^
Super Duper Triple Quadruplet Hendruplet sixtruplet CUTE!!!!

Me and the Hush Puppies Gang

Me and Cathy :)

Too thirsty so me and Lorna went to buy drink from Kokoberry!

Now Now may I present you all the
Hush Puppies Model aka new colleague!

Look! It's Emmy and Esther!

The most real life Emo styled in front of my naked eye

Emmy is cute Shemale

Nice Hush Puppies Kilat long pant Esther got there

Thanks for the charity modeling Girls