Panasonic Lumix Camera TZ7

Vicky New Hair Dye and TZ7 Lumix Camera!

Perfect for travel, this compact,
high-zoom camera makes it easy to shoot
beautiful photos and HD movies.

* 10.1 Megapixels
* 12x Optical Zoom
* 3.0" Wide Auto Power LCD
* 25mm Wide-Angle Lens
*HD Movie AVCHD Lite
*Venus Engine HD
*Intelligent Auto Technology
* Intelligent ISO Control
* Face Recognition
*Face Detection
* Intelligent Scene Selector
* Intelligent Exposure
* AF Tracking

Vicky's Pride of Blood Donation

Everyone will ask:"wa vicky, why got two holes one?"
Vicky answered :" Because I donate blood"
Everyone ask :"U donate twice? O.O"
Vicky say :"No T.T, they cucuk salah vein T.T"

Wuwuwu, left hand side is Failed
While right hand side success

Well, Can't blame too much
for I have thin nerve which they can hardly seen
Its normal if they inject to my meat instead of vein

Wee Wee, every donors got present!
And guess what?! Vsoy is one of the present! T.T
Sounds like I donate my blood for Vsoy
See how big the sacrificial is?

Wou Wou, Ibuku Rice!
No attractive for the Anti-Rice me but it is for my grandma :)
She can't work out without a bowl of rice each day

Vicky has B positive Blood type!
So, anyone lack of B+ blood?
My blood is all yours

Blood donation at Delta Mall Sibu

Pardon Vicky!! Been through lotsa stuffs this few days, and I don't know where should I start from :/

Well, I skipped the post of my sister's wedding for personal reason
And all u can see is my pictures only =.="
Not my sister's wedding pictures >.<

This is Vicky dying her hair from black to dark brown
LOL! My mom scolded me for wasting money cause she can't even see the
different of before and after

It look exactly still the same!! T.T

My sister wedding day, held at Fu Yuan Tang
She looks pretty that day, I felt so touched
as I watched her walked along the wedding path

Arh! My make up for that day by my elder sister
Look at the Cat eye people look at it

I can't get use to it tho, its kinda not convenient with makeup on
I can't rub my eye, I can't laugh too hard
Well, this is one of the factor of becoming mature
I have to do it! T.T

Random Pictures here... Snow Ice!!
Its 99% fat free, eat all you can without doubting about the calories~

My colleague bought some sorta "Kiwi milk" drink from kokoberry
She felt regret and sad after tasting it
She said:"Not my Type"

We bought laksa too! It has been quite a while since I last eat laksa
A Laksa a Day Keeps the Doctor away!
No wonder this few weeks I kept on sneezing,
Because I didn't eat laksa for weeks le!

Yummy Yummy~
Vicky's laksa is with the blue bowl! No meat~

MalaXia Toxiction! Makes my tummy Spin right round!
During break time, me and Irene went to canteen and hunt for fishes

Tada~ RM3 one vegetable 2 meat (fishes)
No rice~

Just the other day early in the morning....

I saw a big black bird (chicken size) lying painfully on the ground outside my gate
I decided to hold it up but seems like the bird was trying to protect itself
Kept on "Ga Ga Ga" *opening its beak widely~
So I took a photo before I drive out
It was not there when I was back,
wondering if any cat or other species eat it or not :(

Don fen Don fen! Long time no see ^^"

Hey its Vicky again!

Me and Irene Dear~
Our Sister day outing

Hunting for Fish Fish Fish and Fish~
You can call us "The Sister Fish Hunter"

At "Enjoy" restaurant
Nicey Nicey~

I love the drink which is called "White lady"
Vanilla milkshake with red sago~

Too bored in the shop
So me and my colleagues decided to take
I tucked in my shirt ^^" Hahaha
So noob la

Me Ann and Lorna~
Both of them are like sisters
They can chat till like endless convo~
Laughters sorround me when they chat

I can't even concentrate on study in shop T.T

The above pictures are past event
Now Now Below Pictures have been captured 30 minutes ago
I have to be energized now~
Tomorrow is a very important day for me, that is
I've wait for this moment like months T.T
I eat proper meal (no rice) because of it,
I'm so crazy in blood donation!!!

Lets do some face exercise now before Vicky goes to bed :)

OK Done~
Goodnight muakz
Hope that I really can donate off my blood :(

Miss you

Sister's coming wedding day!

Sorry for the super duper late blog!
Vicky had been busy with sister's coming wedding

Me and my elder sister ^.^

This is me and my couzy
Guess what? She's 6 years younger than me
Yet, she's a head taller than me X.X

This is during rehearsal of my sister's wedding
And I'm the PowerPoint controller >.<

I know I know, you all will think :
"What?!" Vicky also can do powerpoint ka? O.O
Wei, I also got study computer de ler =.="
Haha! But beginner level only... ^^"

My Grandma!! My mom!!
They both look so cute like chubby Vicky ^^

Can't wait for the wedding day of my sister^.^"
So nervous la, as if itt's my wedding day =.="

How I wish that one day I can wear wedding gown too...
The most pretty of a woman once in a life

Thank you~

Have no fear Ms Independent,
For there is one "Care" and "Love" that are specially born for you
Have no tear Ms Independent,
For there is one "Widest Shoulder" always by your side

Have no loneliness feeling Ms independent,

For there is one "shadow" and "heart" accompanying you all this while

Now that I've found the only colored flower from the grey

A promise will prove everything by this weak soul of mine

Shed of tears and have no fear for these will be my history
The light bulb that you gave me lit on my once hid darkness self
Thanks for the motivation :)
I will live for a better life!

On God's will,

I willing to accept any conclusion that comes out between us

May Him lead us :)

Miss Independent's Weak souL

The Fact that I'm the replacement after all isn't a FAKE
Now that I've done my job
The old one is fixed and I can be Forgone
Glad to see your happy face once again
I'm the Joker of the Crowd
Fact :)
I'm the Brainless of the Blindly Love
Truth :)

Accept it Vicky... For this is just a game of the life
People Step on my head, it's hurt yet I let it be
I'm a "seed" of this world where no one would find me
I'm a "helpless soul", understand understand UNDERSTAND
No one Will NEVER EVER understand my little weak soul

Yea, it's a soul that fun to play and torture with ...
Leaving no Symphathy
This is the fact of WORLD CRUELTY
For it would no longer be in use when this soul is abandoned

Leave this town as fast as possible Girl
My resistant is on maximum level
Explosion could be result in worst situation
This world in pressing hard on my shoulder
I'm depressed
I'm tired
Miss Independent, Please strengthen up

Please ...

Please ..........

Vicky Explore on Peanut Soup!

Hush Puppies Gang October

Today Vicky took a few shots of me and my hush puppies Gang

Take one!

Take two!

Take three!

Take four!

Take five!

Take seven!

Take eight!

Take Nine?

Nine Movie is Coming out Soon!!!

I'm the lover of number 9, so this
movie is a must-see for me

Can't wait Can't wait neh ^^