Just a few days ago, I received a message from my friend that we have to pay for the journey to kuching (remembered?? For the match one a). Disappointment then aroused in me. Ok, lets talk on this!!

First, we represent our school right? According to rules and regulations, School is supposed to pay for the journey, not for us to pay a single cent. So, now seemed like it's school fault right? BUT!! One more situation to pull back the faulty, that is our school is non-profit school! Yea, that's right, not earning money from the student, but indeed was like spread Christianity. So, just this reason was enough to cover up all the problems. Well, guess I have to accept it. My team said that if we have to pay for the journey, they will not be going, which means that everything will be cancelled. The ONLY thing left for now is PRINCIPAL's APPROVAL. If she approve, we will go for the match sponsored, if she don't, we will cancel out the match. IT's ON HER HAND TO DECIDE 100% or 0%. WOU~

I got a turtle from my friend today^^ Got time will take it's picture, so shy now, keep hiding its head in the shell. My friend's house too many turtles le, can't manage to take care of them and now searching for people to feed them. Then I realized that me got no pet at home, so~ wahaha, I asked her if I can have one, she agreed^^ Plus a BIG GLASS CONTAINER with a few rocks. So lucky me, now I can have a accompany at home, ye~ Say till like so lonely-.-" The turtle so Xin Fu also ler, her size was like a small rock, yet her house was way too big~ And so she can move freely to everywhere she want, to the rocks, to the corner~ haha. What a Wonderful WORLD~

Just fixed on Streamyx few days ago, and found it useful^^ Fast and cheap compared to Espeed in BruneiT.T Can on for as many hours as you want, just to pay a fixed amount for every month, so don't miss it out! Streamyx, Every time at Everywhere, you are worth to have it! Helping streamyx to advertise, heh~^^

Well, got to go to look at the turtle now, looks like she is getting used to the environment le o... Start to move and put its head out. Wou, imagine my friend has to take care of 5 turtles, she's gonna boomed~ Thanks for her sponsor on everything^^



Thank GOD!! Finally I can on9 T.T Tears of happiness~ Ok, lets start from Why Vicky Don't Online This Few Days, HUH?!

Ok~ Ok~~ I were having my T1 T2 internal and external exam, I passed!^^ Haha, I got 80 for my T2 and 82 for T1, thanks for those who prayed for me^^ Well, even though there's no one, but at least I know God lent His hand upon me^^ Then the streamyx (like E-speed in Brunei), I've waited for the people to set the line for almost half a yearT.T But they say many businesses to do, so have to wait. Luckily they met the Patience little Girl VICKY, so they're so lucky!! ^^"
I can't online at home unless there is a streamyx, because I was bombed for the telephone bill by the one who pay for it, Wahaha~ =.=

AND!!! The most important thing for today's post is... ... Drumming!! Dong Dong Qiang!!! Dolong Dolong Qiang Qiang Ta! Vicky took part in International Malaysia College Badminton Match~ Wohoo~ Sounds like having Olympic Games Huh? Well, is me myself participate willingly, not chosen by others~.~ Haha~ The match will be held in Kuching at 16/08/08, then we'll go there at 15/08/08.

We're having holiday now, so almost everyday we train for badminton, just started not long ago. The day before yesterday I trained in the afternoon, then night time until 10pm, yesterday I trained morning 8.30am to 12pm, then 2pm to 4 pm, then later afternoon 2-4pm, NOW~ I'm having backache, arm strain, muscle pain for leg and hand wrist, a big flu, shoulder pain, sore throat and running nose, a very very watery running nose~ My GOODNESS!! Help meT.T But, not left much time to the Match, so I've to JIA YOU!!

Vicky OLD le, Remember how strong she is during the school life in Chung Hwa?? Now?? BuuUuUU~ Hai~~ No choice, as the age reaching older, people will get older and weaker too... So, People!! Don't be like Vicky ok?? Must exercise regularly, not like her, no exercise for months then suddenly one day VIGOROUS EXERCISE STRAIGHT FOR FEW DAYS!! Oki? Its totally What people who under 18 can't do.

Ohya, talking about 18, I'm reaching 18 soon^^ 29/11, Vicky will be a woman~ Wahaha, but cannot celebrate with my friends in Brunei lo. Hai~ Anyway, Got to go now, I'm in school now actually, since I can't online at home=.="

And And Ohya!! My CREPE!! YES~ Haha, to reward myself for the exams that I've passed, Victoria reward to Vicky a Peanut Butter Crepe, haha^^ (same people lar dude) Since no one reward me T.T tears of sad.. But Vicky is Vicky, nothing can bring her down one, buy urself a CREPE~ A Crepe~~ A CRepe~ crepe~~ Muahahaha~~ CREEPY CREPE HULK VICKY ALIVE AGAIN!!!


Exam Time~!

Go go GO~ Ale Ale Ale, Here We Go~ Ale Ale Ale~

Next week will be my exam week~! Everyone please do remember to pray for me o~^^ Gambatei Neh Vicky Chan~ For T1 And T2 which I have prepared for months ago. Well, apart from the Help of God, self confidence is also a very important thing that is needed. But guess what? That is what I lack of=.=

So, people~ Wish me luck! After next week, I can't rest yet, I have to prepare for my next semester course which is in August, 5 papers!! meant 5 BOOKS!! This semester 2 books have caused me a lot of trouble, what if 5............??

Haha, stop boasting le la Victoria Law, now is not the time yet, well got to go study now, having study group with my classmate^^ wahaha~ We entertain ourselves first, now here comes the hardship. First sweet then bitter~ Don't learn from us o~

But no hardship no CREPE for the Creepy Crepe Hulk Me!!!!




After a few days happying with my parent who have just came back to visit us^^ FAMILY REUNION, they went back againT.T So sad~~ But I really happy that they still as healthy as before^^

No go Mall today, cannot eat my Beloved crepe, it has been a few days since I didn't touch it, My Crepe, OH~ My crepe~ haha^^ Well, Don't get so crazy about that la Vicky~ But I still don't care, Coz I'm the Creepy Crepe Hulk REmember??

Ohya, My "Sad thing" had been resolved by itself without the help of anyone BUT~ I think its GOD the ONE who helped me all this long^^ So happy now, hope that everything will maintain the way itself now and forever~ Please don't change it again GOD, I like the way it is now~ Really~ But from here, I've learnt of how to precious everything that beside me, even though it seemed to be normal, everyday by your side, but you will know of how important it is to be side with you when it started to fade~ Thank God, I reallY do hope I can have "it" by my side now and forever of my life~ GUSH~ sinCE When I became like that?? So "Shen Qing"~

Anyway, life always surrounded by many challenging things, sadness, frustration, depression and lots more... Guess you guys are having them now also right?? Don't get trapped by them, it was just appeared to test of how powerful are u, how patience are u, how strong are you to get through them~ SO PEOPLE, Stand up and fight for ur objective!! But not To stopped by these unnecessary things~~

This is what I'm having now, Fight them, not to live in them~


Vicky's Gonna Upload her Latest Photos Soon!!

Hey guys^^ So happy that I can come back to here again~ I realized that the place that I can talk more to is this Place, Blogger~ It had help me a lot, really really had help me a lot~ There is no one I can share my thought with, even if I share with one of them, Maybe they will give their disagreement or anything, so I rather drop all of my thoughts here, it makes me felt more better than ever!

I was just back from Church Fellowship Gathering, today we've played a fun game, we all brought one type of fruit each. I brought papaya which is not ripen yet, green green one^^" from my grandma's garden at the back of house, Wahaha, no need go and buy lo~ In each group, they have to use their fruits to made a decoration which relates to Bible. Guess What?? Our Group are the most simple one, other groups build Noah's Ark by Watermelon, The "nana TA" with slices of watermelons plus oranges, so coolz!!! Our group is slices of papayas, not mine one, they say they don't want unripen oneT.T slices of green and red apples, star fruits, FINISHED~ Really as simple as what you're thinking now actually^^ BUT!! I believed that our meaning of doing such decoration is very big! Fruits came from GOD, God loves us as tho of how we Love people, including enemies, poor people, We have to use the things of what God had given to us to these people, sharing with them the gifts of GOD, SO We Have TO LOve THEM~

AND!!! One important thing, the church has organized a competition, that is......DRUMMING~...dun dun dun dun dun CIANG! BADMINTON! I can't believe of what I've heard you know?? So happy till wanna cry out loud that time, really, I really do hope you guys can understand my feeling at that moment~ Really really happy~ ^^ I straight away asked my friend to help to register for it... THUS! I'm IN!! THE CREEPY CREPE HULK WAS IN!!!

On the other hand, I was really sad today~ Not free to expose of what is that actually~ but I was really really sad and even cried for that thing, Why?? I can't believe I cried for that happening~ really unexpected, Unless I was.....With.....?! Impossible~ But what if its true? I really hope I had someone to talk this thing on!!!!! T.T (Crying*)

Really tired now, I can't stand it anymore, plus additional force on "that thing" lagi~ SLEEP! Everything will be alright by tomorrow, Vicky is Happy De^^ ------HAI~ WHO HELP ME>>?

I....I THINK..... I...REALLY..I'VE....

GUESS WHAT??? I've drove today~! And its my first time without my sister accompanied beside me^^ Well, not really that nervous, and the most important thing is not to be nervous!

Several ways I've tried to relax me down while driving::::

*Act Cool~ Heh Heh
*Listening to own favourite music and sing aloud with it along with many expressions, Even though the people next door thinks that You're talking to yourself~
*Drive smoothly without breaking here and there~
*Don't be panic when seeing a dog or cat running across the road in front of you, do not break suddenly~ all you have to do is don't break~

Well, those are the ways, but in Sibu rarely have pets running around the street because the pet controller had took action on these wild pets~ Not like in Brunei, Pets everywhere, including dead pets... Pity them T.T

Back to topic, from the day I drive to school, my sister can be more relax as she has to wake up early in the morning just to fetch me to school and rushes to her work. Now, she can apply her usual time back again!^^ Do pray for me guys, hope I can be as safely as it is as it can be~ I'm still a beginner~ Don't expect too much from me~

Oh ya, I have my crepe today again!! It was my working day today~ Actually it was out of stock this afternoon, so I drank yam pearl Milkshake instead. Guess my only food store will be Kokoberry forever~ then at night time, when I was gonna to have my second yam Pearl milkshake, the crepes were on!! How lucky am I eh? haha~ Guess tomorrow I'll have the next crepe, wahaha, OH MY GOODNESS~ HERE COMES THE CREEPY CREPE HULK!!

I've had my test today for T2^^ As smooth as it was, but not sure if it is really as smotth as what I think or not lo~ Thank God, But I do hope I can improve more~ Thats not enough for me tho^^" Expected more!! Well, got to go now~ Tired this few days T.T Busy here and there~ But FUN!!

Day By Day~ Here comes July and Next....

Being so busy this few days, I can't be like always to update my blog anymore. The first thing that comes first will be the Exam which will be held by 21 and 23 of July, this month. Secondly will be the work, lastly is to save my telephone bill^^"

My parent will be back soon, so happy^^ Finally family reunion, it was a long time ago since my dad wood picking beside my ear, it was since a long time when my mom kept asking me to clean up my room, now I can't wait to hear from them again! Wahaha~ So everyone, be happy of what you're having now~

I had my crepe today again, but without peanut butter because out of stock, this time I got very smooth along with it, no anger, no eagerness, no nothing but a smooth emotion^^ Maybe I've learnt of how to calm down on everything that trying to bother me^^

Well, this few days have caused a lot of unexpected thing to me, like for example relationship, surprises, disappointment and stress and so on~ But don't ya all worry, I had fought along with each of them^^ and I had WON! ITCHY ITCHY isn't it? Well, I don't wanna let you know whats those problems really are, wahaha~

Time really past fast, I can't believe that it was now JULY!! Still got 5 months to reach 2009, So people, Don't waste your time, precious them by every minute every second every hour! Please believe me, I used to not believe in these but now I know, I experienced it myself, even by one second or Milli second, ITS REALLY IMPORTANT! Dunno why I would say this, but it just suddenly pop out of my mind~

Well, got to go study now, BACK TO WORK PEOPLE!! And Happy Birthday to my younger cousin ANDREW too^^