Day By Day~ Here comes July and Next....

Being so busy this few days, I can't be like always to update my blog anymore. The first thing that comes first will be the Exam which will be held by 21 and 23 of July, this month. Secondly will be the work, lastly is to save my telephone bill^^"

My parent will be back soon, so happy^^ Finally family reunion, it was a long time ago since my dad wood picking beside my ear, it was since a long time when my mom kept asking me to clean up my room, now I can't wait to hear from them again! Wahaha~ So everyone, be happy of what you're having now~

I had my crepe today again, but without peanut butter because out of stock, this time I got very smooth along with it, no anger, no eagerness, no nothing but a smooth emotion^^ Maybe I've learnt of how to calm down on everything that trying to bother me^^

Well, this few days have caused a lot of unexpected thing to me, like for example relationship, surprises, disappointment and stress and so on~ But don't ya all worry, I had fought along with each of them^^ and I had WON! ITCHY ITCHY isn't it? Well, I don't wanna let you know whats those problems really are, wahaha~

Time really past fast, I can't believe that it was now JULY!! Still got 5 months to reach 2009, So people, Don't waste your time, precious them by every minute every second every hour! Please believe me, I used to not believe in these but now I know, I experienced it myself, even by one second or Milli second, ITS REALLY IMPORTANT! Dunno why I would say this, but it just suddenly pop out of my mind~

Well, got to go study now, BACK TO WORK PEOPLE!! And Happy Birthday to my younger cousin ANDREW too^^

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Anonymous said...

ur parent back for pemernant 1 la? wo...ur parents back liao then u can pasang streamyx d..hahahah..everyday eat crepe not good to health la...haha

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