Peanut butter Crepe finally had reached into my stomach by 1.35pm this afternoon. The moment I bite it at first, I felt like I was in heaven~~~~**** STOP! Something wrong, this is not the crepe I want ler, all like "Luan Pair Pair" de. the most possible reason I think maybe because of what I said yesterday, I asked the staff to book for me earlier, who knows? When I went there today, they already put it in the tray, and realized that it was not as crunchy as before already, so sad. But! I still wanna try one by tomorrow, this time I asked them to book for me at 1.30pm, maybe today they made it at 1.00pm.

BUT I'm still boomed^^, Finally can have my bite on my beloved Peanut Butter Crepe^^ Wahaha, and for this crepe I have sacrified my lunch stomach for it~.~ So, it must be worth for me^^

Well, tomorrow I'll have my test T2, JIA YOU JIA YOU o... VICKY~^^ NO oNE JIA YOU me, I JIA YOU myself lo... haha

Maybe will come back later, now have to go for my study le, TATA~