One reason, ACCA.

There's one and only reason for this blogless months and the following month. In case you wonder what am I onto, I'm studying for the coming freaking stress exams in December. This exam resembles my future, so I have to draw my attention away from the blog and facebook (k fine, I admit that I didn't completely stop facebook lol!), and focus fully on my study and revision.

If I pass I will be very happy, and then approach to a higher level of my course ACCA, if I fail I will have to delay my target for another 6 months (2 sittings a year. Ie, June and December) which is very scary, I don't want! T.T

Hmm, this gonna be a very wordy post I wonder if anyone will read till the end or not haha. I'm going to sit for 3 exams this December sitting:

6th December 2010 - Malaysia Taxation F6. Difficulty : 2.5/5
  • You need some memorizing skill for this creature, which is quite tough for me (people call me the forgetful girl fyi) I've been told that I've to memorize "ALL" of them, the limitation, minimum requirement, percentage required for certain items bla bla...... X.X
  • Good thing I attend class for this paper, the lecturer is imported from Malaysia KL (I'm currently in Brunei fyi). She is good and very interpretable! :D

13rd December 2010 - Performance Management F5. Difficulty : 4.8/5
  • First reason for the difficulty, I self study this subject. It's not that I think I can do it myself, but because of the clash time with classes of F6 :( Why I choose F6 instead of F5? Because F6 changes its rule and regulation very frequently, so I doubt that if I self study for F6, I might miss out any important changes you know??
  • Second reason for the difficulty, too many things to learn, way too many until I'm speechless, I almost cry every time I study this paper because it has been threatening me too harsh :'(
14th December 2010 - Financial Reporting F7. Difficulty : 1.8/5
  • I attend class for this paper. It's quite easy as long as you keep practising from the revision kit and past year papers. The format is always the same, first question regarding consolidation, second question regarding financial statements, third question regarding cash flow statement or ratio analysis or both, forth and fifth regarding the IASs which I'm not really good at the moment. Have to practise more that's it :D
  • Time management, I always like to spend most of my time on the first and second question, end up little time for the rest 3 questions. So I'm going to train myself by putting my G-Shock watch (gift from brother) in front of me while I'm doing the past year for F7. Sounds like a good idea ei?!
15th December 2010 - Sleep. Difficulty : 0/5
  • No need explanation here, everyone know how to do that :P
That's it! I've studied for months just to attend this 3 beautiful papers, with beautiful fees too. Wish me luck, I want to keep myself motivated and determined! The facebook is a highly evil temptation I hate it :( I've tried so many ways to stop facebooking, but always end up "Maybe just 5 minutes" to 5 hours...

I want to stay up late studying, eat or drink all possible energy boosting food or drink. Eat omega 3 tablets, drink chicken essence, eat cod liver oil (the man with a huge fish behind his back), exercise to keep me a healthy body, happy mood so that I can absorb whatever I studied, listen to inspirational musics (Eg. hillsongs, casting crowns), keep thinking about the consequence of not studying (ie fail) so that I will keep my eye open on the books.

I want to pass! Not just pass, but to get a better score. My elder sister scored the best mark in Malaysia for T2 (CAT level) in year 200x, I wanna be like her :) Sounds impossible but no matter what I'll try to my very best. I'll put chilli powder on my eyelid so that I won't fall asleep during study, LOL most probably end up cannot study due to the hotness of the chilli "Ahhh my eye!!!" Hahaha.

Well, congratulation you've just finished reading my wordy post. I know I know u just scrolled all the way down to here without reading haha!

Jia You Vicky and those who're going to sit for ACCA exams!! :D
Mmm, a sip of coffee before I start the war for the day again!