Friday~ Fried Day~

Its Friday today~!
Hot and Frying Day

Soon after that
Mrs Clouds came^.^ They're from Africa because they are black

So? =.=

Anyway, wanna announce that we got new colleague ^.^
A cute and quite girl

Totally different colour of hair from mine =.= Haha, she looks pretty for sure!!! and White too~
Ohya, forget to intro her name, BETTY~

We almost slept for today's class, maybe because it cloudy and cool day. So teacher gave us a break time
Its time for Vicky to 暖身!!

Breathe for FRESH AIR!!!!

Jumping Jumping!!

Grab Front hair is also a kind warming up...

I Looked awful Fat here.... LOL

What if Vicky Long haired?? Nice~~~

My long haired friend.... I can play her hair when boring in class, like cutting off her split hair.... Pick Kutu.... And so on....

LOL, What a Day~