Blogless Days

Finally I got some time to give myself a Rest
Will Take lots of Pictures De^^


Kuching Here I Come~

Dawn Yang Version Going to Aussie

Vicky Version Going To Kuching

My Noobie Hairstyle

Sorry for the voice, I got sore Throat
Sorry for looking tired in the Video
Days of being in unwell sleep condition

Sorry for the boring talk
My mind is temporarily Jammed

Still I love ya all^^


Tomorrow Lalala.... And Yeyeye

Tomorrow My last day of Exam for this semester
TwuanTee SaaaVern...Remember?
Then after that, I'm gonna have my hair cut
Gush, I bet I'll be look like Noobie after the cut
Comment on Vicky's new Hair style aite??
Got to go Study now
Gambateh neh, Vicky! Jia you Neh Vicky~!

My Current HairStyle

Bloodless donation

Why T.T
The first week I tried, they said I got low Blood Pressure
So I eat and eat and eat
The second week I tried, they said I got low Blood Pressure
So I eat and eat and eat
Today I went to try, they said my blood pressure is normal
I'm happy
Next I went to check my blood
"Sorry miss, your blood is enough only for yourself"

WHAT?!!!??!! T.T
Because of this blood donation,
I gained unecessary weights
And I came up so far just to hear
"blood is enough for myself?"

Why? T.T
My throat is executing me, so I can't scream now
I having no idea why my tears dropped when I went back to my shop
I really tried so hard to get myself normal,
I wanna donate blood~

Soundless days

I no longer can speak now :(
My throat is Killing me
No more Vicky's Voice

2 Good News for Vicky

I typed this post with coughss

I ate this for my breakfast, and I meant all of it^.^
It China Biscuit bought from my mom
And yea, as what the Box said
We got less than 5 garlic chives in the biscuit

When I opened it,
what I know is the biscuits are no longer biscuit
I can hardly find a complete unbroken piece
The rest were just like cereal of Nestum Brand

What I did was I boiled up my kettle

Then 2 big big scoop of condensed milk
And poured in all the "cereal" biscuits
And poof!
Tada, Cereal Garlic Chives Flavoured OAT

As I almost went crazy and nuts on my studies
My cousin Andrew asked: "Hey Vicky wanna go Badminton?"
When is the last time I played badminton?
Like ages! I miss Badminton T.T
And of course :" Sure why not? *threw away my pencil to the sofa and rushed to my room and get my cloth changed*
Its kinda weird
The sky is really weird, the whole environment became yellowish
The sky is covered up by smoky Ashes
And I said :"Jesus is coming, the Judgement day had ARRIVED!"

A *hit* on my head
"Don't be stupid la" =.=
Heard that its a woodmill which caught into fire
Causing the day to be very humid and hot

And I arrived to the destination^.^
Wao, My strength haven't change a bit
I'm still manage to hit the ball till the back court
My strength is restless, Muahahaha

I wore Nike shoe that day
Nike had been upgraded!!
A fatter version of Nike
Lol, nah~
One word to explain everything

Owh, I looked mature here (convinced myself)
How I wish so much to be a mature Girl
Always been told that I look like 11 yrs old girl
Maybe its because of the fat on my face~
I should go suck my fat out in the theraphy centre

And lastly
Teddy~ *with Mr. Bean voice*

Teddy likes to swing in front of me whenever I drive

At work now
Better don't use PC for too long
Tomorrow's exam would be Pengajian Malaysia
I only know what is called BRUNEI
What I knew is Brunei made decision
for not being part of the Sarawak
Thats all

*my throat is pain*
Can't talk much but still I can type :P


Banned from Kenny Sia's Chatbox

Hush Puppies


BLACK AND WHITE are the Most common, best and Popular matches of Color,
as well as Pink and White

Black in white out, Black out white in

A call from Bintulu People yesterday, She mentioned that she wanna reserved 12 pieces of that Big Logo Hush Puppies!! See how amazingly the power of the Big logo Hush Puppies?


Talking about my exam today =.= Conclusion, what I want now is a PASS instead of how high the mark is... P word is enough for me :(

Tomorrow no work, YAY ^^V
So I can stay at home and be prepared for the day after tomorrow's TEST..
Money Money COME!


I have to be that way in order to understand this SUBJECT... Sorry
Sleep early for today^^

Nitez Everyone


I found this in my Brunei's friend's friendster profile album
千手观音 in Brunei 2006 I think

Already ugly still close my eye plus more~ Sighed

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 7

Day 7 ! Lucky 7~ Seven Eleven~
Eight afraid of Seven Because Seven Ate (Eight) Nine

I got stick to Lappy easily
So I moved her to upstairs
Making sure that I won't see her in my compound of study
If not, I will pretend like checking my mail, then later on, BLog and Chat
Neglecting my studies Ki...

Seven Makes me wanna Suicide too
Tomorrow is the Day
The day after Seven
Before Nine
The day after today is Tomorrow

The day before tomorrow is Today
The day after tomorrow is the Tomorrow's tomorrow's yesterday

Help me T.T I'm jammed~
From 8 am to 11 am
These period gonan be so suffering
Like giving birth to a 10kg Baby

Anyway, not gonna boast about it ^.^

Vicky had came so far
It's pointless and meaningless of my current thoughts

My dad bought me a phone called
I'm gonna renamed it as Phonie

Camwhore is facilitated!

Good luck to my tomorrow's EXAM ^.^

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 6


We got NEW ARRIVALS in Hush Puppies
Silver Hush Puppies Logo Polo Tee

GOLD Hush Puppies Logo Polo Tee

I used to wear "M" size, but due to the cutting is kinda small if compare to the previous arrival, I may reserve Black with Silver logo "L" size ^.^V

The day after tomolo will be FINAL YEAR EXAM!!!!!
I wonder what have I been doing this few days of Book Crushing
Thanks to COFFEE
I drank coffee at 10.30pm
Nice and Refreshing

Gotten some problems with Taxation matters

More and more problems

Slept at 5.30am

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 5

Can't talk much but to upload some pictures
First Picture telling: Hey people how are ya all?
*blink blink one eye*
Second picture indicates
Vicky is tired
So Crow passed by
Third picture determined that
Vicky is mentally OUT!!

Play the song and Sing with my lyrics


7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 4

Today was FREAKING Tired
New Arrivals for Hush Puppies
One arrival attracted me quite much
The Hush Puppies Logo is Gold!!!
And the other is Silver!!!
Yea, in other word
The Logo is actually shinning
Look like HIGH HIGH HIGH CLassic when u wear it
No cheating here
I reserved the Black cloth with Silver Logo on it..
Gonna show you all soon^^
And I am Actually standing for the WHOLE DAY man!!
And Guessed what?
Vicky is the strongest girl inside
So all the BOXES Vicky will handle them willingly
Moving all the boxes here and there
Like Superwoman~
I don't wish my colleagues to suffer those weights
And moreover, they're really skinny and slim =.=

And Neglected my books again,
No point to bring my books to Shop today, LOL...
And this is the result I got on behalf of standing the whole day long~

Mr Blister came too T.T

Tonight really tired
Tomorrow have to wake up early for servicing in the church
Ohya, forget to mention about my Vicky's Red eye cammy
They say the webcam does not support Vista Version =,=
So, they promised me to come over their workplace by monday and claim for other thing from the Cammy.
Meantime, they also installed one fun Webcam, That is ....
But its trial version, so not much features

Anyway, got to go sleep for tonight, no study
Yea, no study for tonight I said

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 3

DAY 3!!!!!
Lol, My elder sister came to visit me today. LOL, the only thing that we can;t miss out whenever we meet is EAT!!!! Yea =.= Back to my weight again~ Sighed~ Anyway, I was happy to see her after a long time. I ate My beloved Sushi Tie's Inari Egg Mayo, MABUK ^.^~ Then She brought me to PC Fair! And as a Camwhore me, I have to buy myself an own use webcam instead of Lappy's one...

There I bought "My 10's" brand driverless USB webcam~
Cost RM45.00
Behold Everyone, meet my renamed "Vicky's Red Eye" Cammy~

But the Problem is.......

How do I use it on my lappy? Like that?

LOL, no la...
I plug the USB into my lappy, it says that my cammy is ready to be used BUT!!!!
I can't find the device in my lappy, Where can I find it???
WHERE?????? T.T
Not in program file, not in desktop, not in My Computer not in Everywhere~ I'm gonna go back to the PC fair tomorrow after class, see how they gonna explain for it....

BOOK BOOK BOOK, triple BOOK, BOOK cube, BOOK to the power of 3, BOOK square times BOOK equals to BOOK BOOK BOOK which is BOOK cube

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 2

Look! The Second Mr Pimple Came last night on my forehead after the first Mr Pimple on my nose.... LOL Mrs Stress Really so LAKU..... Attracted 2 Mister Pimple

Nevermind, I still got WAY to GET RID OF THEM :)

Anyway, here I go to Crush the BOOKS Again~ Heard From My brother who is in Brunei now that My mom is sick on behalf of Less blood sugar... Sighed... She must be on diet now.. She's already so pretty why wanna on diet? :( So worried about her, stopped her work for 2 days already.. Hopefully she will be alright


Pimple =.=

The next Day......
Mr Pimple Came Again

7 Days of Book Crushing DAY 1

I am actually repeating what I did when I was having test last time^^ That is stay awake for the whole midnight to eat those freaking books... Meantime, I'm gonna slim down myself a little bit... Realized that I've grown fat this month =.= Sighed~ See how Vicky got slim down day by day in a Week!! ^.^ Gonna post up my picture everyday from now on~
Hopefully it will work :(