I typed this post with coughss

I ate this for my breakfast, and I meant all of it^.^
It China Biscuit bought from my mom
And yea, as what the Box said
We got less than 5 garlic chives in the biscuit

When I opened it,
what I know is the biscuits are no longer biscuit
I can hardly find a complete unbroken piece
The rest were just like cereal of Nestum Brand

What I did was I boiled up my kettle

Then 2 big big scoop of condensed milk
And poured in all the "cereal" biscuits
And poof!
Tada, Cereal Garlic Chives Flavoured OAT

As I almost went crazy and nuts on my studies
My cousin Andrew asked: "Hey Vicky wanna go Badminton?"
When is the last time I played badminton?
Like ages! I miss Badminton T.T
And of course :" Sure why not? *threw away my pencil to the sofa and rushed to my room and get my cloth changed*
Its kinda weird
The sky is really weird, the whole environment became yellowish
The sky is covered up by smoky Ashes
And I said :"Jesus is coming, the Judgement day had ARRIVED!"

A *hit* on my head
"Don't be stupid la" =.=
Heard that its a woodmill which caught into fire
Causing the day to be very humid and hot

And I arrived to the destination^.^
Wao, My strength haven't change a bit
I'm still manage to hit the ball till the back court
My strength is restless, Muahahaha

I wore Nike shoe that day
Nike had been upgraded!!
A fatter version of Nike
Lol, nah~
One word to explain everything

Owh, I looked mature here (convinced myself)
How I wish so much to be a mature Girl
Always been told that I look like 11 yrs old girl
Maybe its because of the fat on my face~
I should go suck my fat out in the theraphy centre

And lastly
Teddy~ *with Mr. Bean voice*

Teddy likes to swing in front of me whenever I drive

At work now
Better don't use PC for too long
Tomorrow's exam would be Pengajian Malaysia
I only know what is called BRUNEI
What I knew is Brunei made decision
for not being part of the Sarawak
Thats all

*my throat is pain*
Can't talk much but still I can type :P


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Seal said...

hehe...when JESUS come again nobody know and HE will come in silent...
“But the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night; in the which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.” (2 Peter 3:10).
LORD,SON (which is JESUS) and the Holy Spirits is 上帝。

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