Vicky Want to Lose Weight!

BisCuits Biscuits!!! Round Round Biscuits~ Yummy


Vicky is Unstoppable

I woke up it was around 6am
Decided to lay a while more
But something stopped me from continue to sleep
"If u have made the decision, Fulfil it"
I don't want mouth like very "Geng" wo
But at last Do nothing at all
To upgrade my standard of living
Vicky have to change the behavior of my life first
Then the attitude
Then My Life will change in proportional to them

Being told that I'm like kiddo
Being told that I'm stupid
Being told that I'm naive
Being told that I'm so easy to be cheated
Being told that I don't know anything

Thanks for all these tellings
Will push Vicky to a better way of thinking of myself
"Avoid being underestimated by others,
You have to change yourself"
Instead of changing other people's View,
why not change yourself?

Internet Bad Mozilla Good

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New Blog Icon Of Vicky's Circle

Note the small icon beside my address

New Blog Icon For Site^^V

I did it for Like WHOLE AFTERNOON O.O"

Touch my Hand Vicky Version

Vicky Version Of Touch My Hand
Yea, another Hopeless Dream LOL!

Undo What I've become

I've been here before,
Now here I am again
Standing at the door,
Praying You'll let me back in
To label me a prodigal would be
Only scratching the surface of who I've been known to be

Turn me around
pick me up
Undo what I've become
Bring me back to the place
Of forgiveness and grace
I need You,
need Your help
I can't do this myself
You're the only one who can undo
What I've become

I focused on the score,
But I could never win
Trying to ignore,
A life of hiding my sin
To label me a hypocrite would be
Only scratching the surface of who I've been known to be

Turn me around
Pick me up
Undo what I've become
Bring me back to the place
Of forgiveness and grace
I need You,
need Your help
I can't do this myself
You're the only one who can undo
What I've become
Make every step lead me back to The sovereign way that

I've been to the wrong place
To the wrong path
Is there a turning back for me?
I don't want this kinda life
Bring me back to where I used to be before
And I'll make the right and correct decision
Then I won't have known the person I shoudn't know
Then I won't have done the things that I shouldn't do
Then I won't have behaved the way I shouldn't behave
I admit that I'm not the Brunei Vicky anymore
God, Please Undo me BacK
Back to Who I used to be
Back to the simple Life

Or maybe I shouldn't apppear in this world at all...

Hopeless Vicky Found the HOPE


I look Tall here :P I AM ACTUALLY~

The left side is reserved by Victoria aka Vicky Kingdom

The runner Peace Babeh~

Going Home


Hopeless Pianist Dream

Hopeless Malaysian Idol Dream


Hopeless come from the noun HOPE

Without hope there is no hopeless


If there is Hopeless

There is a HOPE

If there is a HOPE

There is a WILL

28/6/2009 (Sunday)

Please be aware of it

When Vicky show you that

"Hopeless is Nothing

And there is no hopeless when there is a HOPE"



Coming Badminton Competition

Nervous, I had not really play badminton in real for 2 years and there will be a competition open for public under age of 30. There is possibility that I will compete with a 29 years old woman O.O"

Well, what I gonna do now is got my own pace of breath that I used to have before, BACK in action!
I went for badminton few days back and realized that I deceased a lot! T.T Failure me :( And all the techniques seemed to be messed up too~ My footsteps also tied up, I nearly fell down just now when I played badminton, Sighed~ Shame on me.. Where have all the techniques and skill and practices that 麦老师 (Badminton Couch) had taught me? I'm not deserve to be his student~ My power had decreased too, I can hardly hit the shuttle to the back court and smash a sharp angle ball~

My Old Plastic trophy I got in Brunei Last few years
Although its made up of plastic, it meant a lot to me
I played hard for it~

No hiding the truth,
Badminton is part of my life,
As well as blogging...
Some people may think that I such a so-much-free-time girl
But Not I'm telling you...
I'm feeling beaming whenever I play badminton
I'm feeling like myself whenever I blog
So please don't stop me
In other word?
Don't stop the path of my life
And its my Life

Of course,
I won't forget God family and Friends LOL~ ^^"

Well well, its 2am
Got to go Bed now
Force myself to sleep
Exams coming soon too O.O

Start to
Study hard
Play hard
(In term of badminton)

And In the end
Play hard again
(In term of holidays)


Jia You Vicky


With Empty Fillings =.=

Lovely Donats From Big Apple In Kuching

Went to eat breakfast With my long haired Friend
She ate Kampua~

I ate Laksa MeeHoon

She still as Pretty as Ever~!! Miss her So much~
My off day today, wondering what should I do today? Gush~~ Coming external Exam on June, I still haven't prepare for it :( Wake Up Vicky~ WAKE UP~!!! What U come to Sibu for? What U promised Mom before in Brunei? What is your aim in the future??!! Stop fooling around and crapping here and there, there is no much time for you to spened ur time on study than the rest of the life~
So Stop and Go~!!
Jia You Jia You Vicky~

Anyway, My elder sister is coming down later^^ And Parent is coming back on Saturday~Wohooo~~ Happy Vicky ^.^ Since when is the last time we last met? :(
Sure they will say me Fat jor, more like moon jor~ Sighed =.=


Xiao Li Happy Birthday

This Post is Specially Dedicated

From: Vicky

To: Siaw Lee

We went to Steamboat-ing just after our Work of Morning Shift!!

Oh Yea, Thats what we call Steamboat

Behold The 4 Hush Puppies Fans

We got Sayur Soup

... and Tomyam Soup
Siaw Lee Loves TomYam Soup

Siaw Lee And Mina

The Blue-ish Mina

Ar, This Nicole, Hardly capture her picture
This is the only picture that is clear enough than others

Hey, its the Vicky

Pretty and Cute Xiao Li

What an Innocent look of Xiao Li there, CUTE~!!
Isn't it Cendol?

Err, awaiting for Xiao Li's cook

Mina, the Carnivore

Birthday Cannot be celebrated without Egg,
So Vicky Decided to Fry EGG for Xiao Li


And Tada~

And Tada~~~

And Came out with a pretty smile from Xiao Li ^^
Kawaii and Pretty neh~

Xiao Fong and Xiao Li
Any Idea why We like to pose peace?
No idea though... :/

Another Peace pose

Pretty Peace Pose!
We gorek Ice cream from the restaurant
And chopped the candle into the cream
Happy Birthday Xiao Li ^^

Xiao Li Fed Vicky^^

Totemo Kawaii Desuneh~

Nicole Made Don fen soup For Vicky ^^

Nice one Xiao Fong And Mina

Oh my, Careful back there Xiao Li !!

Xiao Fong Is cute here

Arh, Just forget about my chubby face and look at Cutey Mina ==

Mina and my name Sewed at the Collar ^^

LOL, Cute la~ I rather drink the cup by
pouring the drink into my mouth straight away
Not like Xiao Li so polite ^^"


I look like drunk here =.=

Look at the ice cream, it has melted just after the candle blow
Even Xiao Li pointed the little finger T.T
Sorry Xiao Li ^^

This plate is belong to Mina
Meat Eater!

Ar, here is the nature feels of Xiao Fong

I think someone is Getting Full now~

Poor Mina, Because the left over will be charged,
so Mina is forced to finish the plate of MEATSSS


While Vicky is here relaxing Drinking her Chrysantamum Honey~

I really happy tonight
Spending time with my HP Friends
Love Ya'll

In the middle of the night
We hand hold hand
We shouted
We cried out loud
To the Dark Light of the Sky

~Here is the video of the Day~
Through My Phonie Camera