Xiao Li Happy Birthday

This Post is Specially Dedicated

From: Vicky

To: Siaw Lee

We went to Steamboat-ing just after our Work of Morning Shift!!

Oh Yea, Thats what we call Steamboat

Behold The 4 Hush Puppies Fans

We got Sayur Soup

... and Tomyam Soup
Siaw Lee Loves TomYam Soup

Siaw Lee And Mina

The Blue-ish Mina

Ar, This Nicole, Hardly capture her picture
This is the only picture that is clear enough than others

Hey, its the Vicky

Pretty and Cute Xiao Li

What an Innocent look of Xiao Li there, CUTE~!!
Isn't it Cendol?

Err, awaiting for Xiao Li's cook

Mina, the Carnivore

Birthday Cannot be celebrated without Egg,
So Vicky Decided to Fry EGG for Xiao Li


And Tada~

And Tada~~~

And Came out with a pretty smile from Xiao Li ^^
Kawaii and Pretty neh~

Xiao Fong and Xiao Li
Any Idea why We like to pose peace?
No idea though... :/

Another Peace pose

Pretty Peace Pose!
We gorek Ice cream from the restaurant
And chopped the candle into the cream
Happy Birthday Xiao Li ^^

Xiao Li Fed Vicky^^

Totemo Kawaii Desuneh~

Nicole Made Don fen soup For Vicky ^^

Nice one Xiao Fong And Mina

Oh my, Careful back there Xiao Li !!

Xiao Fong Is cute here

Arh, Just forget about my chubby face and look at Cutey Mina ==

Mina and my name Sewed at the Collar ^^

LOL, Cute la~ I rather drink the cup by
pouring the drink into my mouth straight away
Not like Xiao Li so polite ^^"


I look like drunk here =.=

Look at the ice cream, it has melted just after the candle blow
Even Xiao Li pointed the little finger T.T
Sorry Xiao Li ^^

This plate is belong to Mina
Meat Eater!

Ar, here is the nature feels of Xiao Fong

I think someone is Getting Full now~

Poor Mina, Because the left over will be charged,
so Mina is forced to finish the plate of MEATSSS


While Vicky is here relaxing Drinking her Chrysantamum Honey~

I really happy tonight
Spending time with my HP Friends
Love Ya'll

In the middle of the night
We hand hold hand
We shouted
We cried out loud
To the Dark Light of the Sky

~Here is the video of the Day~
Through My Phonie Camera

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ZoDy said...

Lol,oh man.. I shouldnt had read this blog on an empty stomach.. XD

e l d y said...

any1 else @ tat restaurant ?? u girls so dare to take shoot (from the beginning till the end) .. >.< wahahaha !! If me .. just eat n eat .. huhu

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