I'm nuts!

Yeah, it's true I'm going nuts :(
Just look at my table! :d

It's full of books, papers, files, water bottle, face cream, pen, high lighters, etc.
Exams will be 2 months away from here, ACCA is killing course, well I love challenging, bring it on babeh. December 2010 will be my BIGGEST war of the year!

My ahnd got infected and on the same place again. Left hand, in between the middle and the "no name/forth" finger. It gets itchy and skin will peel off by itself and swollen in no time.

Feeling like burning it with fire, you would not know how itchy and irritating it is. I wonder what will cause this infection ha? Lack of Vitamin Z?

I'm going nuts, I'm eating nuts! :D
Honey Roasted Macadamias

I heard that nuts are good for brain, for this nut-brain me,
I definitely have to consume more.

For your information, it's manufactured in Australia. But ho, it's quite high in cholesterol, those who has cholesterol should control the amount of consuming. Drink lotsa water after eating macadamias, cause it will harden your poop poop, and in the end you will face a constipation problem, scary not?

Like what the packet said so, it's coated with honey and roasted (a lil of salt) So delicious! It's the best snack ever ^.^ Munch Munch Crunch Crunch!

This is the inside of it, brownish color, normally without any process,
the original one should be in beige color.

Love Macadamias alot alot ^^

The packet says one packet 10 servings, for me one packet one serving lol!
I could just eat non-stop, one after another. And I found out that this is one of
the best way I can concentrate on my study! Munch Munch while studying...

I love Macadamia Nuts.

Since I act like a nut, ya'll can call me Macadamia,
it's my new name, in short, Mac.

Is my spaghetti qualified?

This gonna be a "one picture post" haha. Recently my parent were in Malaysia, leaving me and my brother home alone. For breakfast and lunch, my brother will decide himself, as for dinner, I will cook! :D The night before the day before yesterday, this is my work :

Nice or not? :D Can qualify as level one restaurant 's dish ka? >.<