Lepak Around Miri

For I'm a Malaysian who lives in Brunei, and for I'm 19 years old and half already, for my parent cannot guarantee me already, for my current school didn't provide the student pass for the student, for I don't have a student pass, for my passport need to be chopped before 30days from the previous chop, for it's almost 30 days already, I have to go Miri for a "chop", on the other hand, will hang around Miri too X)

First thing first when we arrive in Miri, ABC and ROJAK!!

A famous restaurant
"Golden Delight Rojak & Cold Drinks Centre"

Highly recommended place for ABC and Rojak!

But I didn't eat rojak that day, instead of it, I order ..

Cucur (Fried) taro (yam), udang (prawn), tofu (bean curd) and
ubi kayu (sweet potato)

ABC! Drum hits~ GruuuuuUUUU. Dok Qiang!

ABC containing red beans, cendol, grass jelly, fresh milk, ice shave and most importantly is the "Brown Sugar Syrup". Nomally ABC will just put the red syrup, but brown sugar is way better!

We left the restaurant with "full" satisfaction, 5 stars! haha ^.^

Passing by a car and got attracted by the car plate number. M 2 Q - Aim to Kill!
Isn't that cool?! I know there's one more 8055 - BOSS
One day when I got enough money to buy a specific car plate number, I'll buy
That's gonan be so coolz! Ever!

A modified red Kenari with 2 exhaust tube. One thing to comment here.

The butt is just 5 cm away from the road surface what the?! How are they going to survive every road bumper?! It's like you have to turn to the very left la, the slowly accelerate a bit, once the tyre touches the bumper, quickly turn to the right, the slowly move toward, the turn left again then turn right again...
I type also very suffering ady, need no to say the driver who turns the wheel lol.

In Bintang Plaza, had a "BOX" drink, Yam Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake!

Kokoberry is everywhere! Brunei also got, Miri also got, Kuching also got,
Sibu also got X) I'm so proud of you kokoberry :)

And no, I didn't take the picture of the man but the store ok. Once I captured the picture, he was like "Got some take picture of us, eh eh eh!!" Excited to the max =.=

Look it's the the Crepe faced man, holding Yam milkshake.

The red circle part is mine!! Full concentration in Peanut butter lol XD

I went to a restaurant for dinner, a very loud and noisy sound caught my eye on a car.

Body is covered with illusion cracks skin. High 5 wofer, it's so loud till it can activate the alarm of the cars which are 10 meter away. Can see cannot drive :/

Fried Don Fen with eggs, yummy!
But not really cooked, hard to digest one lo if not yet cooked.

Back to Brunei in the evening!

2 hours from Miri to Brunei, by the time I reached home was around 9pm.

ACCA External Exam is 2 months away from now, Vicky Must Jia You!