NA NANA NA NA~ I just back from the MOVIE "Kung Fu Panda"~ Can't wait to Share with you guys ^^!! THE PAnda is really absolutely FunnY~ Haha, which Makes me think of KENNY SIA~ =.=" I laughed until I hit the front seat guy's shoulder you know?? SO EMBRASSING~! But luckily he also LAUGHING, doesn't really realized it^^

GUSH~ I hope I can buy CD of it and watch it again~ SO LIKE IT! STUPID LOOKING BUT FUNNY ACT PANDA^^ I like his pant... HOPE I can have one of is also^^

Well, after having a Short term FUN, THE LONG TERM stress CONTInues... got to go study for now~ Tomorrow have to wake up same time 6.45am T.T... You Can Do it DE Vicky~

OHYA~ Forget to tell you guys my next targeted MOVie::: The Incredible HULK and MADASGASCAR Part 2!!

I liKA MovE It Move It, Who LikA Mov€ It Move It~ You LikA.........................................MOVE IT!!


Finally~~ Really Finally~~ I can go watch PanDa KuNg Fu lUuU, SO happy^^

My sisters will bring me to The CinEma by tonight, I've been waiting for this moment for ages! Tears of happiness T.T All of my friends who had watched the movie in Brunei said it was very funny and nice, I can't wait for my turn^^

Any*.*way, I went to school early in the morning as I said yesterday Night (the previous Blog), Quite slepy tho-.-ZzZz But cannot sleep! Have to finish the Exam kiT, have to Finish the ExaM KiT~ I'm gonna be GonNa Be Crazy again like last time. My teacher said that she has one friend who also Studies this course, her friend got so tension or stressed that she even forget of how to go BACK HOME! Another girl Also, she pressured until wanting to vomit, no appetite at all~ Then suddenly one of my class student said: "I also got tension before, I even forget what My name is and How My name is Written!" GUSH~~~~ I don't wanna be like that too *.* But Am I having tension now? I'm not sure, I'm not forgetting anything, I'm not feeling of wanting vomit, I recognise the way home, SO I'M NOT THEN^^ AM I?

NAH~ Who cares about it? As long as I still awake to watch KUNG FU PANDA tonight, wahaha^^ Others, LET IT BE.

WELL, Not Sure Of What I should Eat While WatchIng Movie Ler~ OHYA!! LAst tiMe I went to watch movie with my Sisters ToO, Then I was happily going to MCDonald to buy my beloved OREO Ice Cream, IT WAS CLOSED~ After that My day was DOOMED

BUT NOT THIS TIME, HEH~ HEH~ HEH~ I'm not gonna LATE Anymore!
Actually I like DQ Oreo Blizzard more than MCDonald one, But no choice~ Here got no DQ store, so sad~
Well Well~ Got to go study now ^^