Not free to blog this few days
Having most of the time to Visit relatives' house
Gush, my diet plan =.=
Can't take myself away from the attraction of cakes
Thats my weakness
Can see my fats (face) once again
Will get back to normal life when school starts
No more cakes, wahaha

I remembered every time (except this time) I came back for chinese new year
I received lots of Ang Pao
All malaysia ringgit
Then when I got back to Brunei
The Ang Pao Money not really in use
But now
They really do meant a lot to me
Since I will be staying here for quite a while

Got to go to aunt's house now
Another cake attraction destination =.=
Don't CARE
Am I happy eating cakes?
Of coz I AM!!!!
So who cares about fats huh?
Me ....=.=
Once a year in time
No more this kinda life after school reopens

New YEAR!!!


Best Wishes,

I called it a Day

Back From Work
Really busied out the whole day
Stayed in the Store for almost a day to tidy up the stock
Well, thanks alot to Nicole and Chai Yuiin
Without them, I might be in the store right now...

So excited about the coming Chinese New year
I bought 2 different ang pao from my college
Deciding to give them to Ang pao Collectors (My sisters)
Talking about Ang Pao
Never wanna say "Happy Chinese New Year" to Customer le
Because of in 10 customers, 10 of their response will be..

Me: 新年快乐!有空再来噢……
Customer: 你们店有红包吗?

Once they went out of the shop
Me: 第109个……=.=


Today on the way to toilet

I saw new stocks coming to Watson Shop
Then I started to get panic
I rushed to the shop
Then at there I saw....
I .....
I can't belive it!!!!!!!
Oh..... no...
I saw my facial foam Mandum... ....
I've been finding it from Brunei to Sibu, from Sibu to Brunei
There in Delta mall, I saw it
I was so happy to see it, then more over, got discount.. ...
Straight away, I gave myself to it...
Haha, no la
I bought it...

Anyway, It is a good brand to be advertised to you guys

Try it, it will leave ur face COOL!! REFRESH!! CUTE!!

Lalala, got test this Thursday (last day of school before new year) ==
Got to go sleep now
Have to wake up early
Go library study ^^

Bye Bye

=Missing Jun alotz=


Finally got my lappy back from reformation.
From XP version to original Vista version^^
Not kinda getting used to it but new things to try out!

The PC shop( Sibu IT) located just above level of Hush Puppies
After reformation, I can't wait to try them out.
Taking Pictures the first one
Don't forget that Camwhore owned this lappy!

Without any edition! Yea, there u can see the real me =.=
A dot on my face!
My previous post with pictures, try to notice them out,
there got no spot or dot on my face
Thanks to Ulead Photo Impact 10
But thats when I'm using XP
Now I changed to Vista
No more Photo Impact
So I can't edit

Notice that I cut my hair?
Looked ugly to me =.="

I took the below 2 pictures in school
With my long haired friend
Remembered I said the one whose hair is very very long?
That is she

Been busy working these few days
As Chinese New Year coming sooner
The day of working is getting busier too
And Vicky got more tired too
Maybe I can use this chance to get skinnier too?
Very good Conclusion isn't it?
Uses this way to get slimmer
Don't know will work or not
As everytime I got back home
Grandma will cook a table of food for me
So I can't get rid of it
Should finish it to pleasure grandma

As a conclusion
I got no change in the end =.=

Anyway, just got back from Yam Cha
I drank one glass of Lime juice, one fruit ice shave, one red bean soup...
O.O 水桶
My bintulu friend will sleep at my home today

Oh my, camwhore till don't know whats the time ki...==
Its 1.15am now
Got to go bed before wake up at 5.30am later for Church Service
After that
Hush Puppies
Here we go again^^
Another Day

Missing you - Jun


Raining had controlled over my Life...
Sounds serious
Because of raining, I had to bring umbrella
Because of raining, I had to shiver
Because of raining, I had to drive really really really slow (flood in sibu)
Because of raining, I had to be cold
Because of raining, I had to be sleepy

But one thing that the rain can't change of me, Drink KOKOBERRY!!!
In Library now, My lappy haven't fix up yet, hopefully it will be ok, so worry about her :(
Bad trojans! Hurt my lappy...

Talking about flooding,
I think that Sibu gonna be water town (Kampung Ayer) soon
FLOOD Everywhere!
I really don't like that :'(
Where is the sunny warmy brightly Sun?

Got to go

Started and Ends fast...

Another Day, Another Same thing happened, laughed out loud!!
Different thing about today is I got a pimple on my forehead again....
Too tired?
I didn't eat any fried foods
I didn't eat too sweet stuffs
I didn't get angry
I didn't Pinch any other pimples...
Why must there be a pimple on my forehead? WHY??
I'm so sad~

Today's class, Heh heh heh...
About money again~
Class seemed to be dismissed very fast today
Dunno why, maybe the class was too interesting^^
The teacher is so cool
I had learned something from her

Newspaper can be read, but not to be trusted at all...
Yea, why must we trust everything the newspaper wrote?
It may not be true...
Although it looks very true.... O.O

After that went to work
A lot people today
99 percent of them came for new year clothes
So people, don't miss it!!

Hush Puppies got New Arrivals and SALES!
First will get the FIRST Serve in a RIGHT time!

Haha, why suddenly promoting?? ==
And special man undies with red ang pao free
Haha, almost out of stock!! Don't miss it!
Who am I talking to? =.=
So least Sibu people read my blog

So wanna hope that one day my blog can be as popular as kenny sia's
He is so great in blogging
Can make people laugh and crawl on the floor
But me?
Just let people sit still on the chair without breathing or showing the teeth
Sighed.... -.-
Trying my best anyway
Support me People...

Off to Study



Just Got back home from Work, a very whoAla day I can say =.=
This semester I took 3 subjects plus the Pelajaraan Melaysia 4 subjects altogether
Of these 3 subjects
After getting all the introduction from lecturers
I love T10! (*T5,T9,T10)
Its talking about MONEY, haha
It doesn't mean that I really love money more than others
But since it got only 3 options
I'll choose this subject haha
Calculationssssss, ^^ I love that
It's better than the other 2 subjects =.=
Most of them WRITING

3rd semester for me, but new semester for new student
I talked to one new student today in canteen^^
She and her friend waiting for her order

Then I said to her :"Susu Chi Here is very nice man..."
Haha, then she said:"o....... ^^"'....

I'm really so lamo.... -.-
Anyway, just after the classes
I went to work
WHou wHOU!!
New arrivals!!
Love the clothes and dress and socks and undies....
New posters all around...
Sound like I never been there for quite awhile ei??
Yea, the answer is YEA...

Busy the Whole day long...
But I like it^^
Its better than nothing to do you know?
Got to go do my homework now
Better don't miss it...

colleague wear for the year, nicey~

Night and Hugzz

Cleaning day

Cleaning Day

Woke up early in the morning, Stood up and said to myself...

What?! I'm in Sibu?! The Next expression is (=.=)

Too miss my mama and papa and koko
Guessed my brother must be sleeping soundly now huh?

And me? Gonna scroll up my sleeve, tie up my bushy hair
And Clean up my room!
Kinda angry while thinking that someone was still sleeping when I'm cleaning sweatily and messily here, haha^^ Well, I'm not la actually.

On the Way of cleaning progress, I saw dead Cockroach!!

Anyway, I put on new bed sheet after finished the compound cleaning.

And its 6pm already =.=", What a DAY! Haha

Then I went to wash my car, I don't want it to be shame shame at the first day of school tomorrow. It had its own priority dude~ LOL

Something smell good down there, my grandma is using her very talented skill to cook for the dinner, suddenly I realized how lucky am I to taste her food, be satisfy of what u're having now.

Tonight I'm gonna sleep early, don't wish to take panda eye to school tomorrow, lol. Then I will start my PTwork again, I had missed out alot from the day I quit when my exam was coming soon that time.

Anyway, gonna fill up my tummy now, the smell kept on hooking my nose. O.O something reminds me @.@ Didn't I promise myself to cut down on the intake of food?? Huh?? Well, who cares? Tomorrow start la, Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, there will be a tomorrow for tomorrow, so tomorrow la, we still got many tomorrow, so what for tomorrow now? Why not tomorrow later or tomorrow's tomorrow?? So, when tomorrow arrived I'm gonna say :"aiya, tomorrow baru keep fit la, there still got many tomorrow..."

But some advises here, we never know what will happen to us next second, don't even mention about tomorrow! Haha, precious every moment you have now and be feeling lucky that u're still breathing every next second... ...

Talkative eh me today =.=""


Bye bye and Miss you guys

Feeling so much better after meeting you^^

Back to Alone

Different Place Different Feel

Just Back Home after a long day Bus Journey

What Should I say?
I have Arrived to another place, so another life
Before was just a place for relaxation
Back to reality now

Back to normal Life
Study, study and study

Why am I sound like boring, tired and sad?
I am not
I'm happy because I can back to school again^^
Starting a new life, no matter how bored is it
Its ur own choice to make it more exciting

Don't Forget that this is my Main aim of the Blog
To share with people the different life I can be in as compare to others

Oh ya
Sending my regards to Brunei Friends here
I'm OK!!!! Can u hear me there??
Love u gang!!
Don't forget that there is a Girl called Vicky in Sibu here :(
Scared that after a year
Huh? Who Vicky? We Don't Know her!

Haha, so funny la u people

Anyhow, anywhere, anywhen, anybody, anything

I wanna sleep


Last Post in Brunei Before I Depart

Sayonara My Beloved Family and Friends, Muakz

The Day When Tomorrow Arrived

Time Past Really fast, Fast like a Lightning, Fast like Jaguar, Fast like Ostrict, Fast like Leopard... Anyway, really fast until a state when I'm gonna say good bye to my Brunei Friends tomorrow, Sad? Happy? Weird? Yea, Everything mixed up.

Tonight I'm gonna have the last dinner with my friends BEFORE I GO, NOT the LAST DINNER Forever o, Things will be misunderstood if unexplained, lol. After That watch Movie again, Gush, Really really really nothing else to do but only Movie at the mall... =.=

Vanilla Milkshake, Nicer if compare to Cafe Cafe in Sibu

Soon After the Lunch, They went to K the Box Again, haha, Never left the Box Alone!!!

Going Back Home