Not free to blog this few days
Having most of the time to Visit relatives' house
Gush, my diet plan =.=
Can't take myself away from the attraction of cakes
Thats my weakness
Can see my fats (face) once again
Will get back to normal life when school starts
No more cakes, wahaha

I remembered every time (except this time) I came back for chinese new year
I received lots of Ang Pao
All malaysia ringgit
Then when I got back to Brunei
The Ang Pao Money not really in use
But now
They really do meant a lot to me
Since I will be staying here for quite a while

Got to go to aunt's house now
Another cake attraction destination =.=
Don't CARE
Am I happy eating cakes?
Of coz I AM!!!!
So who cares about fats huh?
Me ....=.=
Once a year in time
No more this kinda life after school reopens

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