5 days to Holiday

Wohooo~ ^^ And~ Wohoo~~~

What Vicky??? What So happy??? What?? What???

Huh??? What 5??

5 days

5 days HOLIDAYs~!!!


Yea, and Im gonna say that again, 5 DAYS Holidays^^ Monday and Tuesday got school, start from Wednesday onwards, were gonna have 5 DAYS holiday straight! till Sunday~

Well, maybe not because of HARI RAYA -.-" Dont have any Malay friends here at all, all chinese~ BLEH:( If Vicky now in Brunei, sure got many houses to visit ler~

Just came back from School, Pendidikan Moral, Sounds bored enough~ BUT... ... Instead of listening to
bergotong royong saling mencintai help mother and father Stuffs~ GUESS WHAT?? Moral Teacher said that today were gonna watch movie, WEE~~ ^^ Yeapi~ Yea, Vicky the first one to react for that =.=" I'm quite excited about that, but my long haired friend them don't really into it, Sighed, too bad~ So they Ponteng, haha^^

This is a type of ACTION MOVIE wo~ And very humiliating T.T So wanna Cry out when see the character kena Cucuk by Pisau~ Ouch~ UUuuuu~~~ ANYWAY----- Very interesting and exciting movie tho, learnt a lot of kung fu skills from there~ Muahaha

----------------------After the Movie-------------------

Vicky: Wa, so nice ler the movie.. ^^ I wonder why teacher today so good ho, letting us watching movie~
Vicky's friend: I dont think teacher's doing will be as simple as what u think la Vicky~
Vicky: How can u say teacher like that? She so understand us, Knowing that we got stressed up by homeworks, so she decide to let us have a good time (Vicky Smiled confidently)

--------------FEW MINUTES AFTER OUR CONVERSATION-------------

Teacher : OK class~!! Go home and Do A Report on this movie, try to REflect of how crime had affected the socialty Based On this Movie~
Vicky: ...................................................................................... (speechless)
Vicky's friend : Lu lala~ Lu lala~ Lula Lula Ler~~~ Lula Lula Lula Ler~~~~ (Singing especially to Vicky)


Suana Day~

Gush, And Gush AND GUSH~!! I was like non stop sweating today, sit in the class, sweat, sit in the car sweat, sit in restaurant sweat more, sit in my room sweat~ Blogging also Sweating now~ =.="
What A hot Day neh~ T.T Vicky will be back to Blackie again and sooner~

This morning went to jog, it was a very beautiful morning plus moon which doesn't wish to fade away in the sky while the sunlight began to show up~ I ran a several rounds, and realized that Vicky is no longer the OLD VICKY ler, so fast tired~.~ Haha, but~! Vicky will not give up, will run run run everyday, to get back the stamina of what Vicky should have before^^

Also I heard that PilleY (my school) gonna organize a marathon soon, maybe end of this year, I'm SOOOOOO into IT^^ haha.. Plus it had been a long time since I compete, Missed the competitions a lot ler~.~

Well well, gonna have my exam sooner, Have to study harder and harder now, for this semester, 5 subjects which is harder than the last semester which is 2 subjects only... Thank GOD for lending HIS hand unto me, never felt down coz He always by ur side de^^ So sorry for a sudden matter of saying religious thingy~

And oh ya, today is My dad's birthday, didn't get to contact him, the phone line kept on busy So i just think of sending a message to him^^ So sad that I can't celebrate with him this year as we are seperated from each other, well, I believed that Mom sure will celebrate for him kua^^

And and, the other girl named Lim Yi~ its her birthday too~!^^ Happy when she invited me for her birthday party^^ Guess I had to invite her when Its my birthday ler ^^ (dunno got celebrate o not lo ==)

Kk, Gonna go wash my car now, looked so dirty now~ Felt sorry for it^^"

洗刷刷...洗刷刷...洗刷刷...吾...吾~!So Sweat Sweat... so sweat sweat... so sweat sweat... Gush...Gush~ =="

Vicky Badminton Match~

Remember last time when I said that I had a Badminton Match?? Finally got the pictures^^

AND found out some pictures interesting, we got similarities pictures! ^^

This is my mixed double partner, looks skinny but very active ==

This Guy really funny and... haha, just a word, FUNNY~

This is my schoolmate, good in badminton too~

Haha, not really know him, but that day, he's the only one who played the match half naked~

Haha, funny expression~

All of them looked bored ==, ok I know I know, Vicky not playing well enough~

This is my girls double partner, she is really serious on this match dude, good thing~! But look the girl down there, still play play =.= *no hope~

Oh my Goodness, This is the most standard men's smile I ever seen!!! And can promote to Colgate or 黑人牙膏 advertisement le.... So so so white*

Vicky mee^^ Actually my partner not that serious face always la, see how she smiled?? so adorable and cheerful~

My mixed double partner, the white clothe one~ we got third, better than nothing right???

Group taking~

What a busy day neh~ ^^

Vicky recently had been busy over charity stuff. Our pendidikan moral teacher gave us an assignment of doing charity for ten hours O.O

Well, for the first place we went to Blind center. Too bad no pictures =.= At there, Vicky helped a lot o, I was in charge of the window part, I cleaned the outer layer, sounds easy, but you have to know how many are they, so so many u know?? Saw the blind people there, they are doing up a basket handicraft, so pity to look at them u know? This makes me think of why they are abandoned?? Why?? Even though they can't see but they also wish to live like other normal people, they needed to be care, they need their own family, they need love from their family...

Second, we went to Old Folks Home. At there, we cleaned outside the building. Here are some of my pictures. Vicky doing charity^^ :::

Cleaning window again, haha. The other one is my friend, she got a very long long hair o... too bad she tied up le ==

Well, not very sure why there's 3 little pigs in Old folks house...

Third, we went to Blind center again, this time we cleaned store room, a small store with lots of junks. Wou, Vicky that time really like super girl, kept carry heavy things. Haha^^ Also helped blind people to their canteen to have their snack in the afternoon...

Fourth, we went to Kidney Foundation which we thought we gonna finished our last 2 hours at there. So, this time I cleaned the glasses part, quite senang senang la^^ Guess what something funny happened. We finished our work 15 minutes earlier which is 1.45hours, then we thought that the people in charge will approve us 2 hours instead. But INSTEAD, she really gave us 1.45hours... ... We were really colded that time. Where we gonna finish our 15 minutes charity ler?? haha...

Well, I think we have to find another place to work, not necessary be 15 minutes lo, at least an hour that can be.^^ Do more charity, no loss la right??

Anything and Whatever

See this^^ I used to promote this drinks during holiday in Brunei before^^

Astrology - september 11

today's date
Thursday, September 11

For the best date ever, plan ahead so every detail is accounted for. When you take time to make the event extra special, that someone special will take notice. Be flexible things don't fall in place the way you wish.

Today you might be feeling a bit out of place. This sense of weirdness could be attributed to your busy lifestyle taking the place of a much-needed social life. Reconnect with friends and someone you've had your eye on.

A new point of view is exactly what you need today. Leave your usual circle of advisors and seek the opinion of someone you respect, but rarely confide in. You might be surprised by some useful suggestions.

When you learn to be flexible you'll be ready for any unexpected issue. Think of yourself as a reed bending in the wind as opposed to a rigid stick that snaps in two at a sudden gust.

Be adaptable when problems arise. If you freak out over every unexpected outcome, people might start taking bets on when you'll permanently snap. Keeping calm and collected for the best results.

Finding order in chaos may be a goal you should ditch today. Trying to declutter a mess is commendable, but right now your attention should be focused on something more worthwhile -- like getting a social life.

Have fun today spending time with someone you've wanted to get closer to. Invite them out for a latte and dessert, or a monster movie marathon, or maybe just a stroll in the park. Be ready for a much-needed diversion.

Being open to new ideas makes you an ideal mate. When you're willing to try anything once, it gives you an adventurous spirit that's appealing to those around you. You are inspiring others to take risks.

Go outside of your usual circle of friends to meet people today. Go to a different bar or cafe to see mingle with a new set of people. Explore a foreign neighborhood. Chat with strangers on the bus. Be open to the possibilities.

Today is a perfect time to shake things up from your customary routine. Change your activities so you can meet new people. Go to the gym at a different time. Hang out at a different bar with pals. Turn right instead of left.

It's a great day to goof off and have some fun. Recruit your coworkers to take break and go for a walk outside. Or, better yet, take the day off and have fun outside with friends. Have an adventure.

How unrealistic are your standards? If you want a supermodel who can fix all your problems and adores all your personality quirks you may be in for a long wait. Reassess what you need instead of what you want.