Why Brunei Pizza Hut don't have Fish King Pizza?!

Align CenterThis is soooooo UNFAIR! T.T

The day before the day before yesterday, as usual I was blog walking tro the website when I stopped at Sixthseal.com's blog.

New pizza from Pizza Hut? And the name is
Fish King Pizza.

More and more bloggers blog about the Fish King Pizza introduced by Pizza Hut, and I got more and more interested that I search the Brunei Yellow Page for Pizza Hut and see if got they got Fish King Pizza or not. All I saw is Tuna Pizza, Honey Garlic Pizza and others except for "

This. is. so. not. fair.

Everyone is enjoying Fish King Pizza now, why not Vicky?! T.T

Big on Fish, Bigger on value. Vicky cannot eat it no value at all X(
Brunei Pizza Hut, when will you deliver me this pizza? T.T

The attracting look of Fish King Pizza with 8 fish fingers on top...

I can't take it anymore!! T.T

See that?! This pizza made of Alaskan Pollock, crabsticks, Mozzarella Cheese, roasted capsicums, yellow onions and juicy pineapples, all with the cool lime mayo sauce which is simple refreshing T.T

I thinking to fly to malaysia soon... No need fly la, sit 2 hours car to Miri also can.
I wonder Miri got anot? o.O Don't take the risk!! Better go Kual Lumpur and get it.

I'm facing serious drooling this few days because of this Fish King Pizza.
And I'm praying every nights,
to wish that Brunei Pizza Hut will soon be selling Fish King Pizza too.

Mister Sixthseal dot com, you are one lucky man T.T
I bet you dunno how's the feeling of can-see-cannot-touch.

I can't accept this! Gah~

See those fat and juicy Alaskan Pollock?! You See That?!

Just one bite will do T.T One little bite please, wuu wuu wuuu

Biggest demand from Vicky for the moment...

Waiting and praying