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And so here I am again, on the hot point of blogging again, I know I've been treating my blog hot and cold recently :( Which is a bad thing, so here am I trying to remedy my guiltiness haha. This post is on the trip I've spent with my gang from the school in Pulau Ubin.
I seldom take taxi in Singapore, can say not more than 5 times, but seriously taking taxi once in a while isn't that bad at all lol. From my place to Changi Terminal (where Pulau Ubin Jetty is) would take around 30 minutes, taxi fare of around S$15 (share between 4), cheap!
Meet up with Queenin, Tania and Kang, so called the 'red line group', after having our breakfast, we head towards the pulau ubin jetty. Gyiyomi in taxi, I got follow up trends one you know.
Ferry fee only cost us $2.50 each trip each person. While waiting for the rest, so called the 'green line group', we got ourselves ready with sun block, sun screen, lotion and everything nice on us lol! Including insect repellent, the mixture of the smell was like...
On ferry to Pulau Ubin, 10-15 minutes of ride. Get to see beautiful view and scenery. I have to thank God for the lovely weather that day, few days back we were so worry about the weather because on forecast it shows that on this day it's gonna be gloomy cloudy with thunder. It's way opposite!
So that's Marco, Vicky, me and Kang. That big plastic on me is a fruit cake from Breadtalk. Yes, a birthday cake for Kang the birthday guy. With candles, cutter and lighter ready of course :)
Queenin, Tania, Geraldine and Michael on the board! They look excited don't they?
The boat can fit in 12 passengers at one time, excluding the captain. The boat isn't as 'shaky' as I expected, suitable for people with sea sickness I think.
After 15minutes of ride, here we are at Pulau Ubin! Welcomed by a beautiful gate entrance. Pretty crowded for a time like this in the morning, saw groups of people on bicycle getting ready for the trek. Early jua!
So here we are at Celestial Ubin Beach Resort. Michael bought deals from the famous website, super cheap! $10 for either 2 of Kayak, Bicycle or Fish Spa. We initially choose kayak and fish spa, but after much considerations, we then changed to kayak and bicycle.
Do you know that I never know what is kayak until the day Michael talked about it? And my first instinct to it is, kaya-king.
After redeem the tickets, before getting the activities started, we first celebrate Kang's birthday!
Thank goodness they have sheltered area like cafeteria to hang on, coz I read few blog posts saying that the wind is strong, fearing that the candles might not be lighted on. Well, thank God it turned out well too hehe.
Group picture of us, free drinks are provided from the cafeteria too. How much better the coupon deals can go further than this?
Because the security guard told us that the tide would be low in the late afternoon, so while it's still high tide, we decide to go kayak first. Each of us have to fill up a form (name, phone number and email address) before proceed to kayak. Now I received emails from some companies on travelling thingy, I bet it's from this lol. Just don't call me ah.
A group picture before kayaking, thanks to the kind guard. One of the regret I have is wearing short pant, especially under this sunny day. Now I have 2 toned skin on my leg lol, tattoo translucent sock.
Getting ready for kayaking! Choosing life vest was a headache, we spent like 15 minutes to choose a good one, it's either one side tie disappear or one side sponge disappear lol. After that we get kayak boat, all look the same to us lol.
Thanks Michael for the photo (I nge nge ask him to take one photo of us lol) and Kang for pulling us off into the sea. One thing to take note, be sure you take extra cloth coz you gonna either be got wet or soaked. The place where you sit on got holes one, confirm your butt wet first haha XD
There there, all are enjoying haha. It was so fun that day, me and Queenin even sing while kayaking. I remember I sang 'grenade', 'it will rain', 'superstar', etc. LOL. Who am I thinking I am, romantic on-boat music composer?
Michael and Vicky. She looks so relax, good that you fully utilised the use of the kayak boat Vicky haha!
Kang and Marco in the middle of the sea. Eventually they start to play 'splashing' as expected, which is why I suggest for extra clothes lol. Luckily me and Queenin in the mood of singing, we isolated ourselves from the water war lol!
At first it is hard to control the direction of the boat, but as we kayak along the sea, thing seems to get under control. I keep on screaming "Ok right! left! right! left! Eh the boat changing direction liao, rightrightright! right! right! right! Ok ok, can ady. Right Left Right Left" and it goes on...
We kayak-ed for about an hour plus, until I cannot stand the 'sunniness' exposure on my leg, I cry out loud. We kayak back to the shore and put back everything and ready for the next adventure.
It's been a while since I cycle, I remember the last time I cycled was in my hometown Sibu.
They have 2 seat bicycles here in Pulau Ubin too, I initially planned to ride on this with Queenin, thinking that I can handle it (although it's my first time haha), too bad I was wrong. So I end up on single bike.
Please be sure to check on the safeness, especially the break of the bike. The kind guard helped us to check the break and the tyre air. That's very nice of him :)
So we cycle to one of the famous restaurant in Pulau Ubin, Live Seafood Restaurant. Know this restaurant from google search, given the good reviews, we decide to give it a try as well :)
Lemon Ice.
Fried Rice.
Fried squid.
Belacan Kang Kong.
Sweet and sour pork.
Sweet and sour chicken.
Fry yew tiao.
Fish vegetable soup.
Fry prawn.
Overall of the food, I rate it 7/10. Didn't get to try chili crab though, will try it next time.
After lunch, we decide to visit Chek Jawa. And there go our journey of cycling.
Reading the map halfway, of course we have to do that, avoid from getting lost what.
Beautiful giant tree, by the way there's a plug on this tree.
Then we stopped by the entrance to wetland of Chek Jawa, where we have to walk in without bike.
Wild boars! I told my friend that the baby boars look like just being shaved haha. They are harmless unless you try to scare or hurt them. The whole family came that day, father (obviously the biggest one), mother and 5 children.
The tower, for sight viewing. Didn't get to go up though.
Mangrove area, famous for their exposed roots and the fact that they actually provide homes for many living things, preventing floods and soil erosion.
Boardwalk, a very long one.
A group picture before Kang left. There onwards, we continue our journey.
Nearby the visitor center, there's a house (or not?) looking amazingly beautiful. Wish I could live here, surrounded by greens.
This is the view from the back of the house, look at that design and sculpture, who doesn't love it?
Guess where is it facing?
The sea! Ohh emm gee, perfection overdose can?
This is me walking towards the end of boardwalk. Vicky suggests this shooting, artistic eh.
Something that we cannot miss during the hot day, isotonic drink! FYI, the drink in the picture is a mixture of 2 types of isotonic drinks and Pepsi (which explains the colour). Do not try this at home.
The beautiful blue quarry of Pulau Ubin. Can't go in though, which is a sad one. We just get to see from the outside of the fence. The lake is really blue in colour, can imagine how clear the water is.
On the way back, pass by this natural looking pond.
Purple lotus, prettiness is something that matters.
So yeap, basically that is all. You can see the words seem to get shorter and shorter as you scroll down because I am super sleepy now, was waiting for my hair to dry up (I showered late, I deserve it T.T). No I didn't use hair dryer because if I did, I might end up being a noisy housemate and neighbour.
By the way, you have to pay $2.50 ferry fee while back to Singapore island. Kinda miss Pulau Ubin now, will never forget the nature and wild life and food and wind and scenery of it.
Touching Singapore island.
Thank you for reading. Good night and have a nice weekend! :)
*Intruding my bed*