I ate ROTI CANAI again~! ^^ So happy because it was since a long time when I eat one, but because it was too hot for me, I drank 2 cans of Soyabean~ haha, don't forget that my stomach is water tank~ Coolz isn't it? But full=.=~0


My eldest sister came to Sibu today. She came for her exam on insurance~ This is the way to take extra earning besides from the main business^^ This insurance work service is very flexible one, you can talk to anyone at anytime about insurance and introduce them into your insurance company, and the next thing you know is waiting for your commission! Just that easy, Study, Test, then EARN!

And the main main main purpose of this blog is..... DONG DONG QIANG! MOVIE~~~~~ Wahaha, everytime my eldest sister came down to Sibu, we will go to watch movie. As for this time, there are 2 choices for me to choose: The Incredible Hulk and The Happening. Well well, which one should i choose ler?? My eldest sister quite poor in English language, so maybe I'll choose THE HULK then^^ Ok, thats it! THE HULK, I'm COming~~~~And of course~ Oreo ice Cream, I'm coming too~ (Imagine an indian singing couple running to each other trying to hug each other in slow motion, now imagine me running to My Oreo ice cream in slow motion too)

Well, I started to hate Saturday and Sunday, but I'm not hating CHURCH alrite... What I really trying to mean is that I have nothing to do on these two days! GUSH~ I think I got misunderstood on my working schedule, I work only when they need me, but mostly will be at home I think, my thinking was naive before^^" OPSS~

Well, think I got to go now, my stomach is gonna burst because too full le~ Go for some walk around my house for digestion, outside too sunny le. See YA!!