I think I had no fate with PEANUT BUTTER CREPE AT ALL~

Gush, Oh my, Really Oh my~ I'm so extremely sad when I realized that I had no fate with My beloved Peanut Butter Crepe, it has been many times I missed my chance of having it. Yesterday, I didn't go to Delta Mall, then my second sister said that she bought it for herself one already in the phone when I called her and sensed that she was eating it. Then I taught I might buy it today, who knows?! Peanut Butter Crepe out of stock AGAIN~ OK, that's OK for me, I can still wait, never mind, so I ordered the original Crepe (kosong one) "Sorry, but today our crepes have been sold out" ~~~

I took a very deep breath, really really deep breath, trying to handle my almost explosive motion, luckily successfully under controlled. This time I won't walk away with nothing again, I said patiently: "OK, Boss, Tomorrow can you please book ONE-PEANUT-BUTTER-CREPE for me Please? No matter what, I want to eat it by tomorrow SUCCESSFULLY, no more excuse" Haha, the back part I added it myself in my heart. At last, I just bought three sotong balls from the sushi store for RM2.50, which is quite full for me tho. But I still want CREPE!

Hopefully I can have my own crepe Maker T.T so I can eat it as my meal everyday^^

Study Study Study, here we go again, STudy STudy Study~ Stressy Stressy Stressy~ Tired but Fun Fun Fun~ Sorry for my insanity, but don't worry, I'm not insane yet, because people always say:"People who is actually insane always say that they are not, but those who is not always say that they are" So, I'm not sure I am or not, but really, I'm not crazy don't worry~

Well, think I got to go study now, will have my test on this FRIDAY~ Jia You o VICKY^^