The Recently Vicky~

OK!! Now Vicky has fulfilled her promise le o, I have uploaded my photo, see How healthy am I??^^
Vicky recently crazy about learning Japanese language o^^

This is Vicky - Noob =.=

While Vicky very bored, she took picture in front of the Mirror, another Noob=.=

Look how bored are these 2 Hush Puppies?? They looked so sad T.T

Vicky's Lappy

Oh my, here's the Noob Again

Ohya, forget to show ya all my beloved CREPE!!!

AFTER - Left a little piece after a few minutes

And Vicky's beloved kokoberry Drink - YAM PEARLMILKTEA BEFORE

AFTER- Left pearls after 2 minutes

Recently's Vicky, CHMS Form 5 class, Got changed ma me?

LAstly, My sister and me, Looky Aliky??