Vicky Picnic ● Brunei Tutong Beach

I had a picnic last last weekend in Brunei Tutong Beach, and guess what?
I prepared the food for the picnic that day!

Depending on how many people is going to the picnic, boil an adequate amount of crab stick and hot dog.

Any kinda bread, as long as they can absorb water.

Who want Cheese Slices?!?! Me want!

Just want to remind you that the cheese should be around the bread's width and breadth.

And then cut cumber into stripes.

Part of the ingredient is prepared!

Boil the egg, for 2 minutes and leave it there with the cover on while you doing the other things, like going to toilet la, singing la, scratching la...

Yeah, as what the picture said so,

Put a little portion of mayonnaise on the bread before anything.

And this is the after anything.

Roll the bread like how you make a sushi roll and it will be appeared as below!

Chop off the side if you want the roll side to be pretty like mine :)
*Thick faced Vicky*

Any shape you want lo...

And tada! My master piece of breading skill...

This is very well known, egg mayo sandwich, who don't know I knock his/her head.
What? You don't know? Come...
*cracking hand*

And then somebody ask :"Eat Eat Eat, no drink meh?"

Fruit Tea is the best snack drink for any occasion :)

Excited Vicky going for Picnic, me wearing white shirt black ninja pant that day.

By the way, the name of the beach is TUTONG BEACH.

It's a beach.

Awww, see how calm the sea is? No big or small waves, only tiny waves :)

Joyce eating my home made Sushi bread, listening to the sound of the ocean...
Perfect :)

Under the Sun drinking cold fruit tea, nothing could be better than that X)

Ahh, we don't play much that day, acting like temperament.

This 2 lil girls are so cute! And they're white o.o

Sighed, Joyce everytime like that one, dodge off my camera by blocking it.

Me and my ninja pant, the sand is cool and freshening.

Nah, here's my photography piece, nice anot? :D
*another thick faced Vicky*

Egg Mayo Sandwich, what you don't know again?! Come...
*cracking hand and more on the leg*

I'm feeling doubtful of whether my egg mayo sandwich is nice for Joyce anot :/ Look at her expression T.T

I'm expecting an expression like this below.

Happy face XD

Huge Rocks!

We sit on them and enjoy the art of God's creation.

Aren't they amazing? :)

Well, most of the people used to pick seashell by the seashore.

We don't, we walk around the grass and collect the...

HitchHiker Seed
*Gosh, I googled half an hour just to find the name of this seed lol!*

Hey we have just helped them to disperse all the way to our house :D