Tired Day~

Oh my very extremely goodness!! I was totally tired this morning you know? Same as usual, I went to school straight to library, then when I sat down on my usual seat place, my eyes started to close le~ =.=~ I tried to freshened up myself, so I went to toilet. At there also my eye very heavy, feel like sleep on the floor, no matter where is it lo, even though if it is toilet also can, see how terrible am I eh?

So, I decided not to stay in that filled woth sleeping gas library, I went outside for a air refreshment. I sat outside the cafeteria, warm air blew across my sleepy face, MORE SLEEPY~ So, no choice, I stood outside my classroom corridor waiting for the the senior class end, at there, I slept on the corridor handle ZzZzZZz....

See how terrible am I?? Walk till where can sleep till where, Hai~ Cannot blame my computer also, is me the one who wanna stay till so late with my lappy~ Well, got to go now, BAck to WORK!!

Ohya, I'll upload some photo of me and my colleague soon!!
Today nothing really special tho, haven't really study for days already except for morning in the library, but I think that that is not enough for me, I want to study more. Now I've been studying for T3 and T6 already, all about maintaining and drafting financial records which I've been studied a few related topics in Brunei, Still that tough for me dude~

GUYS~!! I got my FOURTH CREPE for today! Same place same time same shop same seller same buyer, same conversation, same money, same PEANUT BUTTER CREPE! Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, I began to feel the FATE between us, really, I can Feel It dude~ CAN YOU?? Tomorrow I think I can have one more^^ Sense~

I think I've not touched any RICE for at least 2 months already, morning egg, afternoon crepe, night grandma's cook without rice. Success! Can't you all see that? Without rice we actually also can be alive, so no matter how high the price of rice has risen up, it still doesn't bother me AT ALL! So who gonna gather around with me to form a group called "RICELESS GENERATION"?? Go Go Riceless Go Go Riceless!

Life is really complicated for me, there have been a lot of things (sorry but I can't specify out them openly) frustrating along with me. I know these are all God's plan and I have no way to resist them. All I have to do is to accept them and challenge them one by one, but God said unto me that don't be felt like helpless, Jesus always by your side waiting you to raise your hand and search for His help. I am raising up my hand now and the next thing I can do is to wait for Jesus help, I really do hope I can get His help as soon as possible...

But all I need to do is do what I can do know, precious of what you have now, it is better than You have nothing at all right? Be happy Vicky! Vicky be happy! Be Vicky happy! Happy be Vicky! =.=~ Sorry, suddenly wrong connection of my brain nerves...

Well, got to go now, quite tired this few days~ Feeling frustrated?? Think of You having a Peanut Butter Crepe Tomorrow then^^ And your life for the day will be brighten up!! This is the way I brighten up my day, easy for me^^ So, can you brighten up your moody day yourself too?