Suana Day~

Gush, And Gush AND GUSH~!! I was like non stop sweating today, sit in the class, sweat, sit in the car sweat, sit in restaurant sweat more, sit in my room sweat~ Blogging also Sweating now~ =.="
What A hot Day neh~ T.T Vicky will be back to Blackie again and sooner~

This morning went to jog, it was a very beautiful morning plus moon which doesn't wish to fade away in the sky while the sunlight began to show up~ I ran a several rounds, and realized that Vicky is no longer the OLD VICKY ler, so fast tired~.~ Haha, but~! Vicky will not give up, will run run run everyday, to get back the stamina of what Vicky should have before^^

Also I heard that PilleY (my school) gonna organize a marathon soon, maybe end of this year, I'm SOOOOOO into IT^^ haha.. Plus it had been a long time since I compete, Missed the competitions a lot ler~.~

Well well, gonna have my exam sooner, Have to study harder and harder now, for this semester, 5 subjects which is harder than the last semester which is 2 subjects only... Thank GOD for lending HIS hand unto me, never felt down coz He always by ur side de^^ So sorry for a sudden matter of saying religious thingy~

And oh ya, today is My dad's birthday, didn't get to contact him, the phone line kept on busy So i just think of sending a message to him^^ So sad that I can't celebrate with him this year as we are seperated from each other, well, I believed that Mom sure will celebrate for him kua^^

And and, the other girl named Lim Yi~ its her birthday too~!^^ Happy when she invited me for her birthday party^^ Guess I had to invite her when Its my birthday ler ^^ (dunno got celebrate o not lo ==)

Kk, Gonna go wash my car now, looked so dirty now~ Felt sorry for it^^"

洗刷刷...洗刷刷...洗刷刷...吾...吾~!So Sweat Sweat... so sweat sweat... so sweat sweat... Gush...Gush~ =="