I'm Sorry

For Not Blogging recently. My result is coming out soon anytime now, that is 23rd August 2010 Monday, I'm gonna stay awake from now on, pressing "F5" on the keyboard at my hotmail inbox until the bloody"ACCA MAIL" pops out!
Gah, please pray for Vicky T.T

No photo for this post lo sorry ha... really no mood now! I'm so into Photoshop CS4 this few days, I've learned a lot of new stuffs from Google the Internet God :)

Haiyo, really want photo ha? Hmm ok lah, since you all kept on asking me to upload photo, I'll upload ba coz I love you all :)

--- Sorry Vicky's currently unstable in term of hormones and feelings, she likes talking to herself one.
Haha, Mature anot? :D Finally one photo of mature me T.T

Please pray for my result btw, I know praying can't change anything since the result is out ady, but let God do the miracle k? Pray hard hard with heart arr, Vicky me will be very appreciated... thank you and Love you all ^^