Tired, Hungry, Busy

For the purpose of my topic to be known like that is not really often for me~ And guess what? I drove to my school by myself! ^^ Exciting and Challenging for me, although my sister who was sitting beside me got shocked^^" Having T1 test this morning with my sleepy pair of eyes, I finally get through answering all the questions within 2 hours.

In the afternoon, I got home and decided to have a rest, closing my eyes, whoa~ Relief~ Put everything Aside~ Go to sleep~ SLEEP~~ ZzZzZz~~~~~~~~ RING!! RING~!! Huh?? What happen? What? Where? Who? When? Why?? My Phone lar~=.= I was called to reach my workplace to work for suddenly arrival of NEW SUMMER COLLECTIONs of HUSH PUPPIES~ As I said, 34boxes of them have to be settled~

Unstoppable work until 9.45pm, My hungry stomach started to cry for food~ My poor stomach T.T Then my brother in law asked me to buy him a CREPE with hazelnut Chocolate for him, the who knows he also asked me to buy one for myself! Oh my goodness, all the enzyme in my stomach started to activate when I heard the word CREPE, My almost dead brain started to re-function also! Actually on the real life I keep rejecting, but tell you guys secretly, my heart wanted it so much!! At last, I accepted after rejecting for a one or two seconds^^, wahaha~ PEANUT BUTTER CREPE, I'm coming (Running with so many hope and slowly to the Shop) *.* I have a very very comfortable and specialised space for you in my stomach!

After work, me and my colleagues went to nearby restaurants to have some tea drinks, also celebrating for Lala (My x-colleague) further study in Labuan~ So sad but felt happy for her tho^^ We all ate "shui guo bing" at there, in English it was called Fruit Ice, like ABC with fruits^^ Nice~! I'm the fastest drinker of all, Please call me SPEED DRINKER~ MUAHAHAHA...HAHAHA...HAHAHAHA~~~~HAR~~~~~ (Yawning) ~.~ Sleepy now, guess it will be the same by tomorrow, sleepy day, but have the first time study group with my classmate in the afternoon!
*** I missed the study groups I used to study with in Brunei T.T very very much!***