For me as a customer, I have the rights to give comment on a certain shop right?? So, Kokoberry Delta Mall: From the customer point of view, always out of stock will makes them think that the certain shop might not be that relevant to their stock valuation. So, for my opinion, I would like to suggest that it would be very good if the "free stock" has been used which means that extra stock should be stored for emergency purpose uses, so to settle the RUNNING OUT OF STOCK~ please do receive my comment, sincerely thanks^^

Why~ Oh Why~ tell me Why~ I've been waiting for PEANUT BUTTER CREPE for so long and still not available for the moment? Er, actually not for the moment is for so long! What make me feel unclear was that why a peanut butter need to be imported from outside country?? Something special about the peanut butter? I always thought it is the one that I normally ate which paste on the bread~ My beloved peanut butter crepe T.T whenever should you be here for me? HUH~?

Well, today I've just finished my T2 test, 6 questions 100marks @.@ Think of how many lines I have to write for just a question -.-" But the questions doesn't really kill me tho^^~ I was still alive at the end after the long suffering struggles...

One of my collegue tied her hair like nigro style, so EXTREMELY COOLZ! Especially when she say the word:"YO, whatzup?" with those hair~ Nigga#

Later I'm going to church with my friend for fellowship gathering, from there I've learnt quite alot about God and of course knew some Friends too! Oh ya, talking about fellowship, this morning our school which is a Methodist school held a fellowship gathering in the hall also (every Friday we used to have this kind of activity). They invited a Sibu travelling singer with his guitar, named Chi De Cheng (if I'm not spelling wrong, but it is pronounced like that). Guess what? He used to be the one of the competitor with Lin Yu Zhong, Ah Niu, Zhang Zhi Cheng who were now a big Singers in Taiwan. But unluckily he was not chosen, but why?! His voice was so incredible you know? He really really ready to be a Super star SINGER le ~ Why the examiner did not choose him? It was a really really wrong decision for not choosing him~

He shared his past with us, telling us how he got so depressed because of break of love with his ex girlfriend, being rejected by the singing contest, looking at his friends becoming big stars~ He even tried to suicide himself. Then he started to smoke, drink alcohol and went to genting highland gambled, borrow money from his family which they thought he had spent the money for his living but no! For his entertainments instead. One day, his mother found a pack of cigarette in his bag and so asked him why he smoked, he fought back his mother's word which he never did it before. His mother got so angered and sad of what he had said. So, the singer got so depressed like he was going to reach the end of his life, there was no more meaning for him to live on anymore. Just as his end of life is touching, he heard sound from the God:"Telling him that he is not alone, Jesus is always behind him, waiting him to turn back and search for Him" So yes! He turned back and looked for Jesus~ He started to change the way he lived, he began to stop smoking, but that is the most difficult part which he has to stop suddenly from those habit of smoke 40 cigarettes a day! He got so tired and sleepy, all his mind thinking was the Cigarette... Then he prayed and prayed to the God so that He can give him some encouragement to stop the addiction effect of smoke on him. Finally, he succeed!

Now, he had his own new life again with his current girlfriend too^^ And has a good relationship with his family~ SEE?? EVERYONE SEE IT?? Of how God has changed a Person life? Of what kind of miracle the God had applied to a person? From a life full of Sin, depression, gambling, drinking, wasting money to a life full of holiness, hapiness, glorious coming from the voice of his sings... Well, that is our GOD~