A Long DAy Of ChristMas~

As I said Before, I will gather with my friends during Christmas and so I was!
After gathering with Family, I went to the mall and met up with Crystal, My 7 year’s Buddy.

While waiting for the movie (Bed Time Stories) to start, we shopped around to buy Christmas Present.Crystal Decided to buy all of the Rings, Rich Girl =.=, Bo Bian~ As for me, I only can take pictures for her, LOL~! Nola, We just wanna act Rich. After taking the Picture, She put it them back…

On the way, we met up with Ten Fang, her Brother and Kok Kiong, Overall view looks like A Happy Family, ^.^

Guess WHAT?! I can’t believe I met Sim Shu Rong^.^ It had been few years since our last met. Still no change… …

After that, here came Seng Wei and Mark. Seng Wei treated me KokoBerry!!

Oh my goodness, The Size of the Drink Kinda Different from Sibu one. Haha

Soon after that, we went to Arcade! KTV BOX Show TIME~

May I announce to you all, Singer Number 1 Crystal Tang Wan Ling

Singer Number 2 Mak Sin Liang

Singer Number 3 Liew Seng Wei

Camera Woman Victoria Law Ning (Ignore the Unknown)
Haha, Looked Like He touched but , but NO! He Didn't

Audience Jefri

Singers Taking Action

As you all can see here clearly, 台风最佳 will be CRYSTAL!

Next would be 声音最佳would be Mark, too bad you all can’t hear his sing, so…. …. …..

Actually Seng Wei can get the Prize

But his Last Pose Spoilt him, So lastly, He got Nothing.

Then After the KTV, Chai Eng Came

As Soon As Cheow Wei Came, OFF WE WENT to CASPERS!!



Reunion Of JVC

O Wei And Hui Chian

Me Jucy Hui Chian

Me And Jucy

Me And Hui Chian

Me And Cheow Wei

Mak Being OverJoyed By the Food He Ate

Me And Fang Fang

Me And Wen Li

Me And Chai Eng

O Wei And Jucy

2 Cramp Faces

Me And SingYao

Me And Mak

Me And Crystal

Me and Crystal

She Looks Cute Here^^

I caught MAK Stealing Crystal's Noodle In ACTION!!


I Got Witnesser Here, Yeet Yang

Well, The Dinner Gathering Had Came To An End After A few Hours

Instead of Saying Bye Bye To Capers... ...
We Took Pictures With Its Board~

Later, Crystal Car Came and I followed her Home where I waited for my parent to Fetch me...

Hey, We're Wearing The Same Black Sock!

And I got A PenDrive For my Christmas Present That Day^^