What Vicky had been up to lately? o.O

Seldom blog seldom blog seldom blog!! Shell Don't Blog!
I'm very busy lately because I've been rushing on my assignments.

And when the whole assignments pack up, we can call it the
"Paper Made Mount Kinabalu"

Even my study table looks like a doctor's table ah. Looks messy and professional weh XD Seriously, those questions are difficult T.T

When I got sooooo sleepy that I couldn't stand it anymore, I sit it down :|

LOL!! You get the sense of humor there?! :D LOL!! Hahahahahhaha~
Ok, it's not funny I know.

Joyce just started her school few days back, no homework for the first day,
she looks boring lol XD

While me rushing on homework sweatily~

Oh ya, if you guys got update with me in my FACEBOOK, I've uploaded a picture of a white kitty with blue eye. Found it on the street abandoned. Looking at his beautiful eyes, I'm melting.

Joyce named it as "Pruda", it means blue in korean language.
Look like ang mo kitty la X)

Joyce accompanying me when I'm bored, what a great sister she is ^.^

This is her artistic photography skill, circular moment~

Oh besides from rushing on homework, I sang some songs too!
And they're all suck. haha!

Whether you like it or not, you can just comment you "true" feeling to it X)
I'm very positive minded one...

Vicky's Youtube

Looking up to the sky, feels free.

Looking down to the papers and figures, I feel trapped T.T


So that's the current situation I'm having now.

Besides from sad sad thing, I got one happy thing to share with you all.

I had my dinner at "Gripps Cafe" in Kiulap next to Mum's bakery.

No matter how I adjust the flash setting,
the colour of the drink just wont appear clearly T.T
The very light purple is Yam Pearl Milk Tea,
the very light yellow is Mango Yogurt

The yogurt is a bit too sour, but I like X) I forget every boredom and stress once I have a sip on it. How great is that?! :D

Next will be a very exclusice dish.

Mushroom soup with err, bread topi? o.O

It's so cool that when I open the topi bread, smelling goodie steam pofff out! I was like "WAOOOOOO" loudly.

Chicken Cheese with Rice.

Last but definitely not the least! Fish and Chips!
Looks like a kid's menu dish, but who cares? No one! X)