Home made Fish and Chips by Vicky chef XD

As I mentioned last few post, I'd really gotten myself into food lately.
Interest in cooking increases too, probably one day
I might cancel my current study and go for Cooking Cert O.O

Well, that's a little bit over =.=

For a fish liker like me, I've tried lotsa type of Fish and Chips
In Sibu and Brunei.
So can be counted as experience le la, I decide to make fish and chips...

MYSELF! Impossible? Yea believe it!

Hey look it's Vicky the Fish and Chips chef :D
Joyce the assistant XD

Ok the ingredient is very easy,
all you need is fish and chips....


Nah, not that simple,
Nao there is no need to buy recipe books neemore.
All you can do is...

GOOGLE of course!!
I always ask google for many random questions like..

"Why isn’t the number 11 pronounced onety one?"

Why Eleven? This wouldn't make our life more simple :(

Ok, back to the topic, I prepared dish Fish and Chips
according to the Google dot com.

The seasoning which includes Black pepper and salt.

Then the batter!
Hmm, Eggs, beer, flour and melted butter all hampalan mix together.

After seasoning, deep fry them!

And the chips! You can make yourself if you're hardworking enuf.
Haha XD Hey I wanna mention that I didn't fry them,
instead, I grill them in the oven. Healthier!

Prepare FLAT plates.

And the Fish fillets are done frying.
Looks like Pisang Goreng more O.O

Divide them equally to each plate to prevent war.

Companion of home made coleslaw
Cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise and olive oil.
Fridge them for 15 minutes, cold and juicy!

And prepare one can of tuna if you like.
What if I like?! That's a must ok >:d

Yeap and that's after displaying the coleslaw and tuna.

And tada! This is overloaded Fish and chips.

I want to name this dish as
"Fishkie and Chipky"
Anyone interested? :D

I'm glad Joyce like it,
but seems like I've prepared extra portion for her O.O

And of course, I love it too! All fish and vege man~ XD

Nom Nom Nom...


周杰伦-借口Vicky Version

Ok, from this I've realised of how bad my chinese
pronunciation had became... T.T
Embarrassing yet thick faced me XD

Vicky Sing Kiroro Mira e

Ok, this is a abit boooo :(
Sighed, some part also got out of tune XD
Me face very thick, out of tune also dare to upload up
Also since I've promised No44444
But I've tried my best already

Please comment yea!