What happen when Vicky bought the wrong yogurt?

There got many types of yogurt in this world...
We got whipped yogurt, coagulated yogurt, natural yogurt and fruit yogurt.
I used to choose fruit yogurt every time except for this time when I decided to change my taste. I'm getting bored of fruit salad :(

And I bought this Yogurt with a brand name of "Chris", I see the man on the cap handsome, that's why I bought it. What did I say? o.O

Behold Chris the Yogurt!! Muahahah!

Open it... and see how's inside going on? :P

To my surprise, I went "What the?!"

The yogurt is so whipped that it won't come off from the spoon, I always believe that delicious yogurts are always in saturated liquid form... :/

And I tasted...

with the "TIP" of the tongue, to my surprise again.

It's damn sour plus not even sweet lagi! So sour that I can't stand it! My mom and my brother tasted it too, and they leave it to me :) They're so nice to me, awww.....

No problem geh! I will use my rusty mind now... Work Work Work!!

Think now Vicky!! Where is ur brain cell?! In my head!

Ding Dong! I got an idea~

I put the yogurt into a bowl.

Prepare Milk, any type you want, I prefer Dutch lady, Pura Milk or Magnolia Milk, or even Ideal Milk can do too! :D

Pour adequate amount into the bowl, NOT ALL HA!
in case there's no-brainer like me here.

Because the yogurt itself is not sweet at all, I decide to put a half table spoon of condensed milk.

I always use this condensed milk for milo one :D

Stir them until all are mixed up!

The water becomes very smooth and clear, flow like the
"Goat Milk hair shampoo"

Next because the yogurt is too plain, we have got to do something!

I choose Granola Cereal! Any cereal you want lo, better got raisins or dried oats lo.

Tada see that?! My cereal yogurt!

If you want fruit also can, I put apple cubes! X)
Banana also can, orange, dragon fruits and many more!

Tasting time! :D :D :D

Oh my! The taste is totally different from the beginning, from not sweet and sour at all to sweet and fluffy and milk and cold and ... delicious!

This is my own made recipe, in case you also buy the wrong yogurt!

For those who is on the other way round, all you have to do is, give them to me and buy the correct one! XD

Like if you like Vicky's recipe, many thanks!