Vicky ♥ Brunei Excapade Sushi! :D

Before I start my Sushi Blog, I'll update you all with the recent Vicky, haha.

I got a scratch on my leg 2 days back, thanks to...

The Cat.

The cat got scared when I screamed when
I got scared by the shoe which dropped off by the cat :|

On the same night, I had Diarrhea by 3am in the morning.
I slept with Joyce, she got woke up by my frog sound, why frog sound? Because at that moment I felt like wanna vomit, so I was like "Ngook, Ngook, Ngook!"

Then I rushed to the toilet, unfortunately I spilled a little on the floor O.O"
For the rest of the time, I spent 3 hours in the toilet


Tired and rest beside the toilet bowl


Wake Up


Lao Sai


Lao sai



and Wake up and vomit and Cry :(

Nothing to vomit still vomit like wanna gorek out my tummy

Sounds like Bulimic huh?

But no! I'm having digestive problem and diarrhea T.T
That's the worst nightmare I ever have in my life.

Well, thanks to Aunty Agnes' pill, to stop me from vomiting.

And thanks to Uncle's tea, to stop me from lao sai-ing.

I'm happy that my diarrhea less than a day.
For serious diarrhea, they normally last for weeks O.O, I can't imagine even 2 days with this sick and disgusting vomit and lao sai T.T

Well, I feel Lucky :)

Time for Sushi Blog!!

Fried Fish Salad

Mini California special Maki

Salmon Salad Sushi

Inari Salmon, you can't see the salmon because it's inside the Inari skin.

Tongarashi Maki

Ebi Toufu Fried

Suzuki Pari

Nama Kani Tempura

Sushi Tempura

That's the reward I had after I pass my diarrhea period ^.^

Don't try this at home, your Ah Po gonna be very upset O.O