Another Yesterday

Whole afternoon with empty minded
Trying to look at the book but I can't
Its not time to having the mood to study
Only when Moon aroused
Only when all the town is on silent
Only when I'm alone in the room
Only when the silent overtakes everything around me
There... ...
I saw the Me... ...
The linkage of eyebrow
The closure of eye
The thoughts once again appeared in my mind
Don't beaten up by them
Resistance against them
I said to myself again
I chose what I mend to do
I do what I chose
No turning back
No regrets
Not even tears

Be strong and firm
God gave me this thinking
Meaning he wanna me to think that way
So I'm gonna do it that way
As for results
Everything is under God's control

Accept it... ...
Having no idea why am I saying that way
Tired... ...
I'm really tired

Approaching of Valentine...

Tired out this few days
But I have chosen to be in this way
Let it be ^^
Choose what you wanna be
Be what u chose to be
Valentine approaching
Don't know what to do
Will he like it?
Will he appreciate it?
Will he?
As long as I did my best ^.^
In shop now
Tonight going to church
Topic for today is "Valentine"
Wondering if anyone will gift me present?
Haha, don't face thick thick la Vicky
There are more pretty girls outside
Who wanna gift you this moon face?
Yea T.T Agreed too
Thats all for now
Got to do some "Planning"
Will expose that planning out after Valentine
Haha, not now, "someone" is watching
Tata~ ^^V

What I have done during CNY? Eat...

Days days days I've not been blogging
Just after new year, As I said, back to normal Busy Life
Well, Haven't post up pictures during Chinese new Year Time
Here is it... ...

Me and JJ (you know I know) ^.^

Few Days Before New Year Time, took with colleague, 小莉

The middle that looks like sotong one is Hie Ing

Ok, lets get to the main topic, CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Flower Open Rich Expensive

When the clock striked 12am, fire crackers began to be performed! Listened to the music of explosion in the sky of Sibu, How amazing is it ei? Once in a year time... ...

Next morning, FOODs all over the table!! Oh my goodness, how can Vicky resist from the attraction and temptation of these food? yea, there is no resistance, from that day onwards, Vicky started to eat eat and again EAT!

CAKES!!!! How can I resist them? HOW?? Help me.... (my mom home made cakes, delicious)

May I intro my brother here, Nice face there, guessed u have done something to your face the night before that morning right? (heh heh heh)

This is me, yellowish, I got an Ang Pao early in the morning ^.^V

Ok, here is some pictures about Bai Nian... ...

Adorable cousin Jasper, he's growing longer, the face still the same O.O

A Banjir Day on Chinese New Year, Rain Rain Rain Rain~ RAIN~~ I'm not calling you, Korean Singer... ...

My cute cousin here Andrew, he went to National service, think that he look better with current hairstyle, better than before, the past with 80's hairstyle~

Me and Andrew, I looked short here =.=

My new pair of shoes (BUM) from KL, gonna wear it until next year, it is so comfortable~ ^^

High Heel Shoe =.=, mom bought it in Brunei, well, it's rare for me to wear high heel, everyone gonna be shocked, haha... Ohya, see the different between them? I wonder if they are the same design... ...

My sister bought me this from KL last year and yea, I wore it almost everyday until one day, my shoes soaked into rain water and end up with smelly odour. So I got no choice but to buy a slipper from Super Save (Located 2nd floor of Delta Mall)...

Yellow Slipper costing RM4.99 only, luckily it matches out staff uniform as well^^ (yellow)

Cute big eyed Freda, I got big eye bag =.=

Home Big Dinner with relatives^^V

Oh ya, we also went to watch movie during Chinese new year time, 家有喜事... ...
Before that, we went to MC Donald, I ate French Fries and Coke, Gush, Fast foods plus soft drinks plus supper, I will be called FULL MOON sooner -.-

I'm Loving it~ MmMmmmmm~

My elder sister brought us to Jumbrella... ... there I had my Yum yogurt smoothies~

Then Pop corn from Neighbour (Sugar Bun)

I discovered something new! Pop corn plus Yum flavour are really nice, I'm telling a TRUTH! See the picture below, doesn't it look cute? Owh~

We family had a dinner outside restaurant the last night before my parent left... ... Pork =.= I don't even wanna taste it or see it, or touch it, or listen to it... ...

The next morning, yea I was sad bon voyaging my parent and brother... ... but not to let them worry, I will try my best to live my life well and independently... ... and in the future, a foreseeable bright future (eye big kilat!)... Back to reality! haha, all u have to do and care is about now...

Thats all for today... ... 1.49am, Gush=.= 7.45am class
The girl below currently suffering from hyperactive sickness