Another Yesterday

Whole afternoon with empty minded
Trying to look at the book but I can't
Its not time to having the mood to study
Only when Moon aroused
Only when all the town is on silent
Only when I'm alone in the room
Only when the silent overtakes everything around me
There... ...
I saw the Me... ...
The linkage of eyebrow
The closure of eye
The thoughts once again appeared in my mind
Don't beaten up by them
Resistance against them
I said to myself again
I chose what I mend to do
I do what I chose
No turning back
No regrets
Not even tears

Be strong and firm
God gave me this thinking
Meaning he wanna me to think that way
So I'm gonna do it that way
As for results
Everything is under God's control

Accept it... ...
Having no idea why am I saying that way
Tired... ...
I'm really tired

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