Sunday - The thoughts after class

It's Sunday, everyone gonna have a day of rest from work and study, except Vicky Icky Cky Ky and Y. Nevertheless, the 5 hours class did not pull me to the sleeping bed :D for my mind have been thinking about food all morning! I do absorb what lecturer's teaching lol. Just that I transform everything I see into food and drinks. Can see my level of hungriness here O.O seriously I TAIL you man.

Bought the following yam yam right after class at 2pm.

Apple muffin from LOF, the orange shop.

Yam sponge cake, hmm. I bet its the colour that got my attention O.O but no taste of yam hmm, well we do always take purple food as yam flavour thing right? Like purple ice cream, purple bread, purple drink, purple biscuits and so on.

White worm bun, and..... I bet again, its the name that got my attention (this shop really knows how to attract customer like me eh O.O) hmm, there's no white worms inside don't worry, butter filling that is XD

And the most important of all!

Easyway mango pudding milk tea from kiulap branch! Not only they made the pudding and milk tea well, they now also consider customer's health issue wo I TAIL you. They would ask if u want less sweet for the milk tea, I stunt a while when they ask me that lol XD don't know why, probably I'm too sakai to be asked that kinda question O.O

I have a goodie lunch oh yeah! Just now during the home revision, I noticed one funny thing. I got hungry again and started the food and drinks imagination thing again. Suddenly I saw 2 big buns...

Big and super shinny buns... Then I came back to reality and found out that its not big bun, its my knee cap =.= SERIOUSLY they do look like buns ok.

I laughed at my stupidish thought alone in the study room, which make the whole situation even more worse. I start to think again, it looks like I don't have legs too...

Then I stop laughing.

Wa I better stop thinking ah, why so scary one, can't imagine what I will be thinking if I continue thinking onward. Continue study! Ciaoz neh! ^.^
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