Vicky's Pride of Blood Donation

Everyone will ask:"wa vicky, why got two holes one?"
Vicky answered :" Because I donate blood"
Everyone ask :"U donate twice? O.O"
Vicky say :"No T.T, they cucuk salah vein T.T"

Wuwuwu, left hand side is Failed
While right hand side success

Well, Can't blame too much
for I have thin nerve which they can hardly seen
Its normal if they inject to my meat instead of vein

Wee Wee, every donors got present!
And guess what?! Vsoy is one of the present! T.T
Sounds like I donate my blood for Vsoy
See how big the sacrificial is?

Wou Wou, Ibuku Rice!
No attractive for the Anti-Rice me but it is for my grandma :)
She can't work out without a bowl of rice each day

Vicky has B positive Blood type!
So, anyone lack of B+ blood?
My blood is all yours