I'm sorry Spongebob

Hey readers, it's been a long time since my last update ei? :D
I went to Shanghai last week, and I have a great time!
Next post will be about Vicky in China!
"Cow in the City" haha XD

Hmm, before my trip to China, I was preparing for my exam.
As you know I don't keeping still for a long time, so always end up doing something stupid. Spongebob always be my victim wahaha.

Yew Rock Vickey ;D

I am Rock Rock Rock..

My second sister told me that cashew nuts are good for brain. So I ate cashew nuts during revision. But still I got bored and took pictures with it.

Seriously, eating cashew nuts are good for those who encounters constipation, drink as much water as you can of course.

Cashew nuts can be used to play with Spongebob too. Hey talking about thick lips, I'm having dry lips which makes it becomes reddish and looks puffy. It makes my lips look like Angelina Jolie's lips, not a bad thing too ei? :D

Before when I was in Sibu, I always buy Cashew nuts as my meal for lunch and dinner when I work in Hush Puppies. Sometimes, I will ask my friend Irene in Bintulu where the cashew nuts are cheaper, to buy for me few hundred grams. Am I crazy or what?! I'm so desperate for cashew nuts that time geez.

Spongebob loves cashew nuts too! He took one himself too.

When I found out that my cashew nuts pack was empty.
I took the last one from spongebob's head.

Cheating him... Muahaha

Hahaha!!! Spongebob haven't answer I answered for him already XD

Pity this spongebob always bullied by Vicky moh XP

Next case of bully incident will be the Neslo Incident :

Bullor : Vicky
Bullee : Spongebob

Object will be the Neslo.

Here is the spongebob taking picture with our beloved Neslo.

We both love it very much. Really really much!!! HEART HEART!!

Vicky : "So spongebob, u step aside first k? I want to check on the bubbles see if they are workign good or not."

Spongebob : "Ok :)"

Hmmm, they are looking good...

Really good... Let see if they are tasting good or not.

Splendid, marvelous, brilliant, amazing, cool,
perfect, speechelss, wou, wao, wei, wii!!!!
The bubble are so yummy!! :D :D :D :D

I licked the spoon till I can see my own reflection on the spoon.

Ok, maybe not that clear. And I look stupid.

I laughed so hard on spongebob because he can't get any portion of Neslo from me. He just keep silent and face me from his back...

Until I find something goes wrong...


I'm sorry spongebob. No more next time k?? :(