Finally got my lappy back from reformation.
From XP version to original Vista version^^
Not kinda getting used to it but new things to try out!

The PC shop( Sibu IT) located just above level of Hush Puppies
After reformation, I can't wait to try them out.
Taking Pictures the first one
Don't forget that Camwhore owned this lappy!

Without any edition! Yea, there u can see the real me =.=
A dot on my face!
My previous post with pictures, try to notice them out,
there got no spot or dot on my face
Thanks to Ulead Photo Impact 10
But thats when I'm using XP
Now I changed to Vista
No more Photo Impact
So I can't edit

Notice that I cut my hair?
Looked ugly to me =.="

I took the below 2 pictures in school
With my long haired friend
Remembered I said the one whose hair is very very long?
That is she

Been busy working these few days
As Chinese New Year coming sooner
The day of working is getting busier too
And Vicky got more tired too
Maybe I can use this chance to get skinnier too?
Very good Conclusion isn't it?
Uses this way to get slimmer
Don't know will work or not
As everytime I got back home
Grandma will cook a table of food for me
So I can't get rid of it
Should finish it to pleasure grandma

As a conclusion
I got no change in the end =.=

Anyway, just got back from Yam Cha
I drank one glass of Lime juice, one fruit ice shave, one red bean soup...
O.O 水桶
My bintulu friend will sleep at my home today

Oh my, camwhore till don't know whats the time ki...==
Its 1.15am now
Got to go bed before wake up at 5.30am later for Church Service
After that
Hush Puppies
Here we go again^^
Another Day

Missing you - Jun