House Cleaning for Coming Chinese New Year!

Hey people it's Chinese New Year soon!!
Ok, I know my blog theme isn't right for the moment.
Gonna change it sooner.

Woots! I'm gonna clean my bedroom today!

My cupboard very headaching me!!

I gorek out all of the clothes first.

I mean ALL of them O.O

On the way of packing, I found out this...

The stripes dress I tried out last time in Video
Sighed, tell you what =.=
until now I still haven't wear a single time la :(

Sighed, better wear it this New Year time :/

I began to sweat after I packed 5 clothes =,=

Sweaty me...


Here here Vicky teach you all how to Lipat Baju :D


False Example!

Correct Example!!!!



Then I saw this cloth
Seriously I didn't wear it out too...


You'll know why...

Very Embarrassing la... I wonder if you guys
dare to wear that out or not? :/

Anyhow. I'm all sweaty and done now!
And a reward for myself :D!

Dating with Kew Kew XD

I'm way too excited ^^

Went to watch the Universal Soldier with him
All bloody scenes o.o"
But still nice and actious man~
I hope I can kena cucuked by needles
But giving an non-expressional face

That day no drink William Milk Tea
Eat popcorn onie

Had a great night time with my boy ^.^
We only can hang out with each other
not more than 2 times a week :(
So I appreciate every outings with him.


My house cleaning haven't finish yet!!

Next morning, my sister hired a temporary maid to our house for a help. Since Vicky work like snail. That kakak really very strong and helpful ler O.O

Cleaning my bed, my grandma joined too :P

Grandma asked me to clean the bed rack.
She kept complaining my room very dusty =.=
And she said my brother and parent's room very clean
Very common sense what,
My parent's in Brunei,
the room had not been not
touched throughout the whole year,

of the course it is clean.
*Denying that I actually don't clean my room*

"藉口" !!!!
翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現...
去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜~

Vicky singing eh!

Grandma also show me a ball of dust under my bed
She said :
"Here Vicky, you like to take picture is it? Here take this dust then"

Next will be this Book shelve!


With a little sexy Zebra stripes on the edge.

I have to put these magazines into the book shelve T.T

Don't see me kiddo look I tell you
Although the work seems tough for me
But I can do it.. I really can :>

I really can do it...

Wou, the hairstyle is kawaii! XD


Back to work...

On the way, I saw Hush Puppies Catalog

And I don't even wear Hush Puppies Shoe yet T.T
Failed me for working in Hush Puppies Apparel for years :d

Few Minutes later...


*Hours la =.=

I'm done!!!!!!

Yay Yay Yay ^^V

Eh What's that down there?


Something behind... Hmmm :/

Still got a bag of magazines T.T



Oh ya! I saw this while packing my cupboard


The Bath Buddies :D

I wonder why is it put cross eyes, Dead?
I don't wanna bath with a dead thing :(

Table So clean! I'm so proud of myself :)
Anyone clap hand for Vicky?

Vicky's bed is naked!!! ARH!!

Very clean ler....
*Crap, my nose is so high now...

Cleaned the cosmetic table too
So that I won't blame the mirror
if I found a dot on my face XP

Lastly will be my floor...
I can see the spot on my face through this shiny floor
I almost fell down when walking on it..
True O.O

And I've collected many droppings of Cicak too.

My stuff Cupboard!

Done cleaning, but still look messy tho :/
Guess what I put in there?

A big teddy at the bottom most! ^.^

Hey Vicky's medals when in Brunei School
Sighed.. Now is an old flabby girl..



Finally DONE!!!!!!! >:d

Take a nap will do help a little....







*After woke up*


missing kew

Things we do when bored.

People gets bored easily, just like me
That is why I am super hyper active to do everything
Just to prevent boredness :(

Normally I will drive really fast to increase
the excitement, like almost crash into a car is exciting! XD

At Hush Puppies :

My colleagues, one will try to pick kutu of the others
While the other will try to count her money for her future marriage

The other thing u can do in shop is...


Egg tarts are one of my hearted food!!
I eat them when I am bored

Esther loves eating bread when she is bored

Chicken floss her favourite too! :D

The other thing is ...

Playing Chicken and the Chick

And I'm the one who be the Mother Chicken XD
No eagle? o.O


They will act like they are too erm...

Sometimes, we get bored that we will take photo of
our shoe instead of face too...

Sometimes, we will get too bored till we make a star

And spookie stuff happens! O.O
But yet exciting!! XD
Excitement kills boredness!

Sometimes, they got too bored that....

They play hide and seek behind the glass =.=

And sometimes, we get too bored that we...

Play only-head SHOOT!

Meet the four headed monster! Rawr~~

Sometimes, when some people got bored
They will lost their control

Humiliation case often happen here :X
Please keep it a secret... please... :(

Sometimes, they will got too bored that...

Some will start to play home-leaving act...
T.T I cried when I see this..

This is just too... Excited T.T

Or even worst.. They got too bored that...

They try to molest the model ..

One acceptable boredness solver here...


When Vicky got bored, she drink soya milk!

To gain more Iron is good for blood donor like me...

When it's lunch time...

People who got so bored till they turn frustrated and depressed

Oh well.. talking about food.

I still LOVE...


Random eh!

Ok.. the topic is over!

Hung out with Alicia and Irene and CY the other day.

Wou Wou look it's the ZHG Girl XD

Laksa babeh!

This laksa is from Yes Cafe near Delta Mall.

Delicious man~

Cy and I are so excited that we are not bored.

Second round on the same day.

Irene laughed O.O She's pretty with that smiling face :D

Alicia loves showing her engaged ring.

We're at Toto Cafe
Next to Yes Cafe only

Vicky ordered Chak Lok! >.<
Sweet sweet and icy icy de, Vicky Likuuu!

Alicia's Red bean ice shaving.

Vicky lovu!!!!! ^^

Alicia is kinda hyper that day :/


She's normal.

LOL! People this is the new mouth posing style
POUT + pout = double pout! :D

Alicia always got shy so she cover herself
Assuming that I can't see her.. =.=

But if she got caught...

She gets desperate :d

Well, don't worry
She gets normal quickly :)

Irene looks cool here

Vicky looks cool here too!!

But someone maybe not :)

Told you all she get's hyper soon! :D

Nah, that's how friendship call
The Crazy friendship XD

And not bored too.