Food to eat in Sibu Sarawak?

Hmm I didn't mention about my trip to my hometown Sibu ei?
For some family matters, me and my "families" went back to Sibu last week.

In the car when Joyce tried to poke my chubby face.

I miss Sibu food a lot! That's the reason I got chubbier when I live in Sibu for 2 years, you just can't resist the temptation of all the food around.

My turn to poke Joyce's face! Muahaha~

Look who's there? It's the coolest driver in the world, Awww!!! XD

From Brunei to Miri by car, it will take 2 hours on average.
From Miri to Sibu, it will take another 6 hours on average.
Plus some resting peeing breakfast lunch dinner, will be another 1 hour.

Altogether, the whole journey will take approximately 9 hours. Imagine I sit on the same seat for hours not moving, how flat my butt will be?!

First thing in Sibu, Night Supper Fruit Ice!

Only for RM2.50, pool of fresh melon, longan, jelly, watermelon. Plus Ideal Milk with fluffy ice snow, I don't know but I believe there is 10/10 of the people will like it on first taste ^.^

Breakfast? Actually wanna go Aloha where I used to eat laksa with Irene before. But daddy insisted to eat at the "快可利 Restaurant"

No disappointed because this restaurant is actually a nice place to eat too! Something like Dimsum!

Har Kaw, Prawn transparent dumpling

流沙包, the inner fillings are amazing, they smell like creamy milk butter, taste a bit salty, a bit juicy. Take note that this bun must be eaten when hot, if not it'll not be that delicious neemore.

Is that Pork belly? o.O

Siu Mai.

猪肠粉, it's not PORK in case you wonder lol. I always order prawn flavored for this dish. The kicap sauce plus the dumpling skin, plus the prawn~ mmmm

Another Pork Dumpling.

My mom love this Baked cheese sweet potato very much, on the way to this restaurant, she kept on mention about this dish,
"Later must remember to order this ar, must rememeber!
This sweet potato very delicious one I tell yew."

Another Picture, since my mother love it so much lol?

I also met my cousin Andrew! He's back from KL for hari raya holidays too.

And he is so in love with my wooden spec >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Vicky's almighty wooden-looking spectacle.

Another food must try in Sibu that is, Sibu's neighrbour Selangau, got few restaurants which cook WILD ANIMALS.

Mom said this fish is called "Gadus".
In chinese so called 鳕鱼. It's rare to find this kinda fish they said :/

FROG called 田鸡 in chinese. They taste like Chicken O.O

Beautiful long leg of one of the frog, am I sinful??? :(
On one side I'm happy, on the other side I eat it with worry T.T

BOAR!! Wild Pig X) As usual I see but I don't eat ^^"

Dunno What is this XD But some sort of wild life animal too XP

Well I stayed not long in Sibu, 2 days after then I have to go back to Brunei again.

Different of Brunei 5 dollar, and Msia 5 ringgit.
Similarity, they're both freen and both are on the rght side!
Isn't that cool? :D