What Vicky have been up to this few weeks?

For those who read my blog from the beginning,
I am still continuing my ACCA course (2 more years to go)
For this time my coming exam will be on 11st June 2010 (Friday),
regarding Managing People and Sytem
Vicky have been STUDYING and MEMORIZING
for the past few months until today.

Accompanied by Spongebob, truth to say, he has been watching at me studying for few months already. I remember from the day I bring spongebob home , I know I will like him forever. I know I will :)

Thank you spongebob squarepants :D

Whenever I can't resist the stress of cannot-memorize-efficiently, I will take spongebob's artistic pictures in order to reduce my stress!

Spongebob standing on the blue mountain of Vicky's knee cap.


Spongebob looking emotionally at the window.

Some Very near cam whore picture of Spongebob's face.
It turns out spooky and scary O.O"

Ok here is one review of my study condition:

Getting started!! Woosh Woosh Vicky!! You can do it!
Today must memorize 2 chapters :D

Eye big big looking at the book, mind also open big big absorb and remember!
This is so easy! I actually can do it ^.^


30 minutes later...

My eye lid is closed to half... My mind also closed to half. Reading is getting slower and slower...My eye is getting heavier and heavier.


3 more minutes later....

I start to yawn, and it gets deeper and deeper each time.

I dunno if this is weird or not but....

I actually start my Opera singing every time I yawn...

Seriously like
"Yoooo YOOO YOOOO yoooo~ YAWN~~~!!!!!"

And then sleep.


Oh come ON Vicky!! I thought that is not gonna happen?! T.T I just feel really tired and having heavy eye every time I look at the wordy books. It's like
reading a blog full of word without pictures... See how bored is it? :(

Hmmm, plus my immune system is very poor too.
I get running nose and sneezing easily.
By that time, I get tired and sleepy easily too.

Stuck tissue in nostril to stop watery running nose, I don't care how ugly is it. Anything that stops my running nose and sneezing, I hampalan accept.

Some said that tea will make you awake, so Vicky give it a try.

Chinese Tea...

Some said that Milo and Neslo mix together which is so called " Neslo", will make you feeling awake too, worst till causing you to have sleepless night. Vicky give it a try too:

I always love drinking the bubbles on top first XD

Slurp! Mmmm ^.^

Some suggests that give yourself a relax time if feeling tired of studying, stress out makes you even more suffering if you force yourself to study under a very sleepy condition :

For relax time, Vicky listen to Channel [V] Music!!

When I get older, I will be stronger. They'll call me freedom, just like a wavin' flag! And then it goes back, and then it goes back, and then it goes back! Oh~

Go Go 2010 Fifa World Cup!! =^.^=

I really do hope all of these remedies can help me in keeping awake when study.

11 days to my exam, WHAT?!??!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Stress, imsonia, hair loss, wrinkles, white hair, shaky hand, vein in eye, ARh!!!!
Ok maybe not that serious.

How I wish Spongebob can take over my place...