DiGi iPhone 4 Me

First of everything, I never had iPhone before and I know nothing about iPhone till the day when my friend sliding his hand around on a device.

Vicky :"Hey dude, what's that you molesting at?"
Dude :"Are you nuts or what? It's an iPhone duh~"
Vicky :"What's iPhone? I only know I legend the movie weh"
And Dude ignored me for the rest of the day.

I got so interested about iPhone and wanted to know more about it. From all the researches I got from the internet, as days go by, I realized that I'm in love with iPhone. I have never experience such a strong feeling for a phone before. And now that I acknowledge that iPhone 4 is out!

I want to make a high quality video call with my beloved ones when I am away from them, even when we're a wall a parted! Sharing laughter and smiles together, that's the best thing ever that a phone can do!! (other than call, message and alarm) I learned from the internet that iPhone 4 got 2 cameras, one in the front and the other at the back! Now I can look at myself while video chat with my darling with the best angle of my face in order to hide the double chin lol!

Oh my goodness, iPhone 4 is so multi-task!

Games, Movies, Mails, Surfing, Books, Movies, Recordings, iTune Store, retina display specially for the "four-eyed" me, I can throw away my spectacle for the rest of my life yay! I even can save so much cost with iPhone 4 with me!

I love the way it is uh huh uh huh, I love it!

It's so portable too, with its thickness of 9.3mm, no matter how long and suffered I tuck myself into the jean, I can simply slide in iPhone4 into my VERY-TIGHT pocket just in 3 seconds! It can be the thinnest camera too, why I said so? Because of it's high resolution of
960x640 pixels plus a 5x digital zoom. Ain't that cool?! X)

The last thing why I want to have iPhone 4 is because...

-Black and Grey screen 19th century XX phone-

I'm so bloody outdated and old-fashioned! I used to think that a phone that can call, receives calls, receives and sends messages plus alarm is just enough for me, now that I've fallen in love with iPhone 4 at first sight, everything changed ever since. Please "fashionize" me iPhone 4!
Make me look cooler!