Vicky's Gonna Upload her Latest Photos Soon!!

Hey guys^^ So happy that I can come back to here again~ I realized that the place that I can talk more to is this Place, Blogger~ It had help me a lot, really really had help me a lot~ There is no one I can share my thought with, even if I share with one of them, Maybe they will give their disagreement or anything, so I rather drop all of my thoughts here, it makes me felt more better than ever!

I was just back from Church Fellowship Gathering, today we've played a fun game, we all brought one type of fruit each. I brought papaya which is not ripen yet, green green one^^" from my grandma's garden at the back of house, Wahaha, no need go and buy lo~ In each group, they have to use their fruits to made a decoration which relates to Bible. Guess What?? Our Group are the most simple one, other groups build Noah's Ark by Watermelon, The "nana TA" with slices of watermelons plus oranges, so coolz!!! Our group is slices of papayas, not mine one, they say they don't want unripen oneT.T slices of green and red apples, star fruits, FINISHED~ Really as simple as what you're thinking now actually^^ BUT!! I believed that our meaning of doing such decoration is very big! Fruits came from GOD, God loves us as tho of how we Love people, including enemies, poor people, We have to use the things of what God had given to us to these people, sharing with them the gifts of GOD, SO We Have TO LOve THEM~

AND!!! One important thing, the church has organized a competition, that is......DRUMMING~...dun dun dun dun dun CIANG! BADMINTON! I can't believe of what I've heard you know?? So happy till wanna cry out loud that time, really, I really do hope you guys can understand my feeling at that moment~ Really really happy~ ^^ I straight away asked my friend to help to register for it... THUS! I'm IN!! THE CREEPY CREPE HULK WAS IN!!!

On the other hand, I was really sad today~ Not free to expose of what is that actually~ but I was really really sad and even cried for that thing, Why?? I can't believe I cried for that happening~ really unexpected, Unless I was.....With.....?! Impossible~ But what if its true? I really hope I had someone to talk this thing on!!!!! T.T (Crying*)

Really tired now, I can't stand it anymore, plus additional force on "that thing" lagi~ SLEEP! Everything will be alright by tomorrow, Vicky is Happy De^^ ------HAI~ WHO HELP ME>>?